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Design Studio – System Information methods

As we all know, design studio uses the BIAL language, which is similar to Java Script.

So in this document, lets discuss the methods available in BO Design studio 1.1 to display the system Information.

Note: Below are the System information methods I have found till now, more methods may be available in further releases.

Those will be updated later

Methods and their Functions:

1. To populate the current user                …. <Datasource>.getInfo().user

2. To populate today’s date                     …. <application>.getInfo().dateNow

3. To populate Name of the application     …. <application>.getInfo().name

4. To populate system details                  …. <Datasource>.getInfo().system

5. To populate last refreshed date of backend (BW or HANA )      ….. <Datasource>.getInfo().lastDataUpdate

6. To populate last data update date of backend (BW or HANA)   ….. <Datasource>.getInfo().lastRefreshedAt



Further available methods (if any) will be updated in next part.

Please note that these methods are only available from 1.1 version.

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