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HR Renewal 1.0 Feature Pack 3 – Mass Processing Tool

We get a quick idea of “What’s new in HR Renewal Feature Pack 3” from Robert Muller’s blog. But he didn’t get into many details with respect to one of the important feature – Mass Processing functionality.  I decided to put down my thoughts about this new tool/functionality in this blog.

Quick Introduction –

After getting the Feature Pack 3 installed in our system, I started my hunt for the new features from my favorite transaction code – Activate Business Functions(SFW5) . I found the following switches which is new and interesting –

  1. HCM_PAO_MP_1 – HCM, Mass Processing and Organization

Quickly browsed through the release notes –

Short text

HCM_607_PAOMP1_M: Business Function HCM, Mass Processing for Personnel and Organization (new)


As of EA-HRGXX 607 SP10, the business function HCM, Mass Processing for Personnel and Organization is available. With this business function, you can enable HR professionals to process the data of multiple candidates using  the Mass Hiring Web application.

This business function offers the following features:

  • Integration of the Mass Hiring Web application into the landing page
  • Appealing and intuitive Web user interface, which offers a central workspace for an HR professional to manage data of multiple candidates when hiring employees.

            With the Excel-like Web UI, an HR professional can complete the whole maintenance process for candidates   by carrying out the following: 

    • Download an empty excel template for mass hiring – an HR professional can forward the downloaded Excel template to a third party, for example, an external job agency, to maintain candidates’ data. The empty excel then can be forwarded to the third party, for example, the external job agencies, for data maintenance of candidates. The structure and layout of the Excel template can be customized using the Design Time tool, for example, to include value help and remarks, and to set important fields as leading fields.
    • Import an Excel sheet with records of multiple new hires from a local PC into the application – an HR professional can choose to import all candidates or the selected rows of candidates in the Excel sheet. The application supports delta data handling to import revised data to the new UI.
    • Export the candidates into an Excel sheet stored on local PC; they can also export only rows with errors for offline correction.
    • Handle errors – there are aggregated error messages and detailed messages on the UI, with the latter directly navigating to the cells with errors. The error messages are exported in a separate worksheet in an Excel file, when an HR professional exports the error entries into an offline Excel file.
    • Save drafts – an HR professional may leave the task by saving the current workspace as a draft, and then access the drafts from the “Tasks” lane in the landing page.
    • Mass edit, mass validate, and mass submit candidates’ data.

                      To edit: select rows with identical values, find and replace values in one step, or copy values from a row to other rows. 

To validate: the system checks the quality of candidate data before it is finally submitted to the database. Both synchronous and asynchronous validation processes are available and can be conducted in parallel to save time, if the function is enabled in the Design Time tool.

                  To submit: submit all candidates with qualified data into the database in one step. The candidates with unqualified data remain in the workspace for an HR professional to correct and then re-submit them.

  • Automatic duplication check during importing and validations – the system can automatically identify duplicate candidates, so as to avoid repetitive and invalid records.
  • Rehire detection – the potential rehires can be detected during validation. An HR professional can check and decide whether to reuse an existing personnel number for rehires, or to create a new one for new hires. You can define the rule during Customizing.
  • Automatic creation of personnel numbers for all new hires after final step of data submission – after submission of the candidate data, personnel numbers are generated automatically, so that an HR professional can focus on their business tasks.


To use this business function, you have to activate the Human Capital Management (EA-HR) Enterprise Extension.

Alright, it’s a decent introduction from SAP. I went ahead activating this switch to avail this amazing new functionality.

2.     HCM_TIM_WDA_1 – HCM, Multiple Approvals for Leave Request in ESS and MSS

This switch didn’t interest me a lot since the leave request applications are not anymore new 🙂 Anyways, I might write one more blog on this topic, so not going to discuss much about this topic now.

Note: As a safety measure 🙂 – To make sure that we get most up to date HCM Process and forms functionality, we have also activated any switch related to ASR framework i.e. HCM_ASR_CI_1, HCM_ASR_CI_2, HCM_ASR_CI_3, HCM_ASR_CI_4 and HCM_ASR_CI_5.

What next ?

My next thought was “What’s new in SPRO ?”. So went straight to the point by opening the SPRO Node – Personnel Management > Personnel & Organization. And of course, as hinted in the release notes, I see a new node called “Processes” –


Of course yes, I went ahead reading the help again to get a quick glimpse –

Define the Mass Hiring Scenario


In this organizational activity, you can find the necessary information for defining the form scenario required for mass hiring.


  • The FPM application Main Application for Candidate Mass Processing (HRMP_LISTVIEW_MAIN), or the Mass Hiring Web application, does not support the Concurrent Employment scenario where an employee has multiple personnel assignments within one organization.
  • Based on the existing HCM infotype framework, the end date for the Organizational Assignment (IT0001) record must always be set to the high date (12/31/9999) in our Mass Hiring Web application. In case of any temporary hires with dedicated end date, for example, seasonal hires or contract hires, a separate termination action needs to be created using the transaction code PA40 after successful execution of the mass hire action.


  • You have activated the HCM, Mass Processing for Personnel & Organization 01 (HCM_PAO_MP_1) business function.
  • You have set up the Customizing for the Personnel & Organization (PA-PAO) component.


To define a mass hiring action, perform the following steps in Customizing for Personnel Management under Personnel & Organization -> Processes -> Design Time for Processes and Forms:

  1. Define a form scenario using the “Mass Form” type to provide the basis for a list-based hiring action, for example,  seasonal mass hiring or campus mass hiring. The form scenario allows you to do the following:
  2. Define the rules for duplication check and rehire detection.
    • Under Fields, you determine the basic set of fields that can be filled in a hiring action.
    • In the same view, you also configure the default values and input help for the form fields, and determine the basic layout of an Excel template for offline data maintenance.
    • In Parallel Processing under Other Attributes, you enable asynchronous and parallel processing to accelerate the processing of a large amount of candidate information.
    • Under Form, you generate a Web Dynpro component configuration for the Mass Hiring Web Application (HRMP_LISTVIEW_MAIN), an FPM List View form, for the user interface. Here, you can also check and adjust the order of the fields for the UI that you have defined under Fields.

  For more information about the mass form, see SAP Library for SAP ERP under SAP ERP Central Component -> Human Resources -> Personnel Management -> Personnel & Organization -> Processes -> International Mass Processing -> Configuration of the Mass Hiring Web application-> Design Time for Mass Hiring. 

For more information, see the following:

  • Customizing for Personnel Management under Personnel & Organization -> Processes -> Mass Processing -> BAdI: Implement Duplication and Rehire Check.
  • SAP Library for SAP ERP under SAP ERP Central Component -> Human Resources -> Personnel Management -> Personnel & Organization -> Processes -> International Mass Processing -> Configuration of the Mass Hiring Web Application -> Duplication Check and Rehire Detection

     3. Integrate the mass form into the Actions lane of the landing page for HR professionals.

For more information, see Customizing for Personnel & Organization under Role -> Configure Launchpad for Actions.

So far, I have covered only two topics i.e. Activating required switches and exploring SPRO. In my next blog, I would get into more details which gives us a clear idea about this new functionality.

Thanks for your time.

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  • Thanks again for the information……..

    I was just browsing through the Business functions and i found this mass processing one..then i found your blog…..too quick to read this…..

    Can i be able to define as many mass processes as my client uses mass processing for every 2 to 3 months???

    Thanks again


    • Hi Moosa,

      Thanks for the feedback.

      Well, you can only define mass processing tools for “Hire” and “Rehire” scenarios. I tried using it for updating a simple infotype 0105 without mentioning any action details, but it didn’t let me do that. It fails when I click on “Validate” button.

      Let me know if you have any more questions.


      Raja Sekhar

  • Hi Raja
    Have you tried errors like these?

    A separate termination action needs to be created for all temporary hires

    Hiring action; end date must be set to system end date

    Candidates validated  (NOT an error i Know – 😉 )

    Regarding the “separate termination action” – i am trying to hire a permanent emp. But anyway i get this error.

    Hiring action date – i will try to make a default high date value.

    Can you contribute with your experience?

    Best Regards

    • Micheal,

      I didn’t face any such errors during my initial set up. Not sure about your version information, but I would definitely recommend looking out for OSS Messages with the error message details.


      Raja Sekhar

  • Hi!

    I tried it out, but I receive an error when I try to import the Excel.

    Error Message: Error during importing; check the Excel format (HRMP_EXCEL_MSG 001). I tried with different date formats, but nothing works.

    Has anybody an idea?



      • Thanks for sharing your observation. May be there should be some open OSS Note explaining this restriction. You might want to check it.


        Raja Sekhar

        • We are implementing Mass New Hire and our Basic Pay Annual Salary is not populating.  We are using Back-End Service SAP_PA and service Field 0008 / Infotype version 10 and screen structure HCMT_BSP_PA_US_R0008 selecting I0008_ANSAL data element ANSAL_15.  Every time we save the form the salary is 0.00.

          Any ideas?


  • Hello Raja,

    We are planning to implement HR Renewal FP 4 for our client. I have been reading all of your blogs. As per your blog “My top 5 wishes for HR Renewal 2.0”, Mass Forms are only confined to Hire/rehire actions.

    We have a Mass Pay Change and are also looking forward to implementing Mass Position Attributes change form. Would it be be possible with HR Renewal FP 4? or any suggestions how we would be able to achieve this? any BadI Implementations or any enhancements?

    It would be of great help if you can provide your guidance here!

    Thank you!



  • Nice blog series!! I have personally not seen/heard of many customers using the “mass form” option so seeing what you have to show for it is going to be great! Thanks for sharing and keep on blogging! 😉

  • Hi All,

    I have one question, can this mass forms be routed for approval? I mean can we also have a workflow to approve/ reject the requests?



  • Hi Raja and Christopher,

    thank yoou again for your amaizing blogs and help.

    I need to ask you another  thing regarding the input help in excel. Above you talked about it and it work’s fine but there’s one thing that I really don’t like.

    From the input help it ia missing the description of any of the fields, I mean, opening the dropdown botton I can only see the codes. (see pick below)

    Is there a way to make the description next to the  code? I’ve tried everything so far.

    Thank you so much for your help again.


    Mass Hire.PNG