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FIND the SAP t code list

dear all

normally you know some t codes only , but sap provide so much of t codes , you find the t code list at a time

just go to SE11 and enter the table TSTC Then click on display Then click on content after just Transaction code level you can give like V*, Z* , like etc you find all t  t code  like V*  t codes total 1860 , same thing you find the all modules another t codes also




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  • Bojja,

    Two comments –

    1. Too much information, in a list format; might not be helpful:

    It is with use (during work or practice) and association that we learn things, just access to a long list (or any material) might not be helpful.

    I have experienced that even if there is access to lot of SAP material, people don’t read and become masters / experts in it.

    If you can provide techniques to learn (few, the important) t-codes, that would be beneficial.

    2. Any way to get the t-code, from a “functionality”:

    E.g. sometimes, I want to know the t-code for Customer account group, or incompletion log procedures. Is there any t-code to find this type of information?

    At present, I search in Google and find it.

    • tq TW

      E VOK0 Conditions: Pricing in Customizing
      E VOK1 Account Determination: Customizing
      E VOK2 Output Determination
      E VOPAN Customizing Partners
      E VOTXN Maintain Text Customizing

      above t codes i found in TSTC table level

      IMG Level you find the all relevant t codes

      SPRO- here menu bar setting- user specific – IMG Structure – IMG activity ID – then enter click on SAP reference  IMG- here you find the img t codes

      like go to customer account group path- here you find the additional information -SIMG_CFMENUORFBOBD2  here you find the last four letter  OBD2 , this is the t code of Customer account group, like this you find the t codes



  • Hello Bojja,


                  Very useful but as TW sir told, would like to know if there is any way to know about specific transaction code then it will be more helpful.


    By the way,Thanks for sharing.