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Program for loading sample data into infocube

Struggling for sample data to load into newly developed Infocube,……

CUBE_SAMPLE_CREATE is an ABAP program, allows us to fill  the infocube with random data without using any flat files, source system configuration , transformations etc…

Below are the steps to create sample data.


1.        1.    Goto SE38 transaction and provide the program name “CUBE_SAMPLE_CREATE” and execute.



1.     2.     Provide the infocube name and provide the no. of records that we want to update.

          We will find three options in the below screen

     A.    Generated Values :   if we go for this option, System will generate random values for all Characterstics and keyfigures and update the infocube.

     B.    Vals from Master Data Tables :  System will picked the values from Masterdata Tables for characterstics and generate default values for keyfigures.Both values will update to the infocube.

     C.    Ready for input ALV : if we want to enter the data manually we will go for this option.


3.     Click on “Execute Directly” button. Then The data will be loaded with sample data in a single request.

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