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How To – Configure ChaRM on Single Managed System with multiple client for PoC(Part1)

ChaRM or Change Request Management is one of the most demanding interesting features from the past 4-5 years and drastically changed or improved in the new version of Solution Manager 7.1


In this article we will see how we can create a transport path/route for a single managed system which can be used for ChaRM(Change Request Management) for demo or Proof Of Concept purposes.


Please Note:  SAP recommends to have Production client on a separate server and not to maintain all the clients on the same server. This is just for PoC and testing ChaRM purposes only.



We have a managed system ERP system with 3 clients ( Development 500-> Quality 800 – > Production 810) connection to our Solution Manager Production environment.


Step 1 : Logon to ERP or managed system and enter transaction STMS.  Also, make sure you get the message(You are logged onto the domain controller)



Step 2: Now click on the transport routes option and enter change mode.



Step 3: Now drag and drop the system and click on the SAP menu to choose Transport Route-> Create Add Transport Route



Step 4: In the pop-up click on Consolidation and provide the target system or client. This will be the QA client



Make sure you have selected the transport layer as SAP. Press enter


Step 5: Now create a Z custom transport layer by choosing the below option.



Step 6: Provide a name and maintain description as shown below.



Step 7: Please maintain the Quality client for Z Transport layer as Target client which we have created above.



Step 8: Now we need to create a delivery route between our Quality and Production client. Again perform step 3 to create a new transport path/route. Maintain Quality as source client and Production  client as target but please note choose option DELIVERY.



Step 9: Now the 3 clients of the single managed system will look as shown below with the 3 paths we have configured.



Step 10: This is the most important step double click the system box. Now choose the Z Transport layer and provide the Development client and maintain entries as shown below.



Yes now we are ready to activate ChaRM(Change Request Management) in SAP Solution Manager 7.1.


Please linking managed system and Solution Manager both domain controllers is no longer required in Solution Manager 7.1 version onwards. We will cover next steps later.


It is here in part 2

How To – Configure ChaRM on Single Managed System with multiple client for PoC(Part2)


Please Note: I will be using my new User ID now onwards

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  • Hello Prakhar,

    Very helpful document.

    Keep up the good work.


    Jinesh Jayan

    • Hi Jinesh

      Sure.  Thank You

      I been have doing this from the past so many years and will continue for the benefits for Solution Manager community.

      Also, update my new ID as I will use this one from now on.



      • Hi Prakhar,

        Thanks for valuable inputs. Can you plz share some information regarding Charm Workflow behaviour in Solman 7.1 ST 710 Version.

        As per standrad feature CRM_RFC_APPROVAL Workflow is triggering when we create any SMCR request and also Change manager receive mails in so01 only not in Outlook Mails. Can you plz highlight someinformation on how to trigger the customized Workflow instead of CRM_RFC_APPROVAL standard template.

        What else has to be done to receive mails in Outlook. I have also followed “workflow settings for Request for Change approval”. The BP are of type Employee with proper Email Id maintained in SU01. But still no luck



  • Hi Prakhar,

    Thanks for sharing above detailed steps with screen shots.

    Very helpful and handy guide for Solution Manager Basis consultants.



  • How is this different from Dolores Correa‘s excellent blog from 2008? Except that this one isn’t as complete.

    • I suggest check again.

      the first screenshot which shows TMS setup doesn’t explain how that is done

      Well this one covers screenshots step by step for configuring 3 client in single system landscape  in TMS….covering how to create layer etc which is not mentioned in that blog with level of details.

      this one cover detailed steps which you can’t find in that blog. Many people requested so I have shared this information free of cost investing my precious time for the sake of my lovable Solman community

      About missing things it is covered in Part 2 which cover other relevant steps

      Infact if you are aware of some more good stuff feel free to publish, if you want to share something more useful and not covered in my and dolores both blog because ChaRM is a big ocean

    • Well, one is the fact that this is for version 7.1 v.s. 7.0.  Very distinct differences, especially around the domain link requirements for TMS.

  • Hello Prakhar Saxena,

    Thanks for sharing, do you think that we are able to use retrofit (for customizing) test scenario with that TMS setup ?



    • Hello Lluis,

      Thanks for you reading.

      Yes absolutely. if you create one more client for retrofit as development it will work

      I have done that as well so this is not a guess.



  • Hi Prakhar,

    Thanks for your excellent blogs on ITSM+CHARM; I am a regular follower of same.

    I have one query on CHARM : –

    Our goal is to use CHARM only for creating / documenting Administrative Changes; So no transports involvement. And we do not have dual landscape or extra clients in Solman. Just single system-single client Solman.

    Is it possible to still activate CHARM in this scenario so that Solman is used for CHARM purpose only for Admin changes of managed systems ? (No TMS Wizards enablement needed / other change transaction types to be activated in our case).


    Sanjay Sahita

    • Hi Sanjay,

      Thanks for following and reading..hope you are enjoying it.

      Yes is the answer for your doubt

      Sometimes client doesn’t wish for Transport Management system but rather a Change Management system which is more of a process requirement first. therefore it is possible to configure it as per this requirement as well and excecuted by solman functional not solman technical consultant

      Carry on and finish the config with solman functional in your team to configure the customer process…feel free to post queries over scn incase of any issues faced.

      Cheers !!!



  • Very much nice information I’ve seen on your blogs on ChaRM…thanks..