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Command EDIT in SXMB_MONI to insert Dynamic Configuration attributes

In many projects I’ve seen using ASMA attributes, usually to retrieve the name of the file or the server from which a file have to be picked up. Every person who has used them at least once know how difficult could be performing unit testing for those attributes, especially in the early stages of the development when you don’t have any real file or you cannot upload anything on the remote or local server for testing.

Recently I have discovered the possibility to Edit Messages in error directly from SXMB_MONI, by typing the command ‘edit’ in the command menu:

ScreenHunter_118 Jul. 19 18.01.jpg

This will bring you to the web-based editor where, if you have the permissions (given by role SAP_XI_MESSAGE_MODIFY), you can edit the payload of the message and save it for re-processing:

ScreenHunter_119 Jul. 19 18.03.jpg

The interesting feature is that you can edit also the additional attributes, like the dynamic configuration, in the same page:

ScreenHunter_120 Jul. 19 18.05.jpg

Once saved, you can re-process the message in SXMB_MONI and get the desired result inside dynamic configuration 🙂

ScreenHunter_121 Jul. 19 18.07.jpg

Of course, message editing is not encouraged in production systems unless really required and roles must be properly setup to restrict it.

Have fun!


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