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Business Place Configuration Steps

Business Place Configuration Steps

The following steps would take you through the configuration steps for the business place for a particular scenario.

This document is written mainly to explain the purpose of business place concept towards having different number ranges for the outgoing documents.

·         Defining (Assigning to Company Code) the Business Place.

·         Assignment of Business Place to the Plant

·         Maintenance of Document Classes

·         Assignment of Document Classes to the Document Type

·         Maintenance of Number Groups

·         Maintenance of Number Ranges

·         Document Class Determination

·         Assign Number Range to the Business Place.

·         Maintain Copying Control for the Billing documents

Defining (Assigning to Company Code) the Business Place.

The business places are considered to be organization units and are created under the company code level.  In the system, creation of the business place happens only by when the company code is being entered.

SPRO Path: IMG à Cross Application Components à General Application FunctionsàCross-Application Document Numbering à Taiwan àDefine Business Places

Please note that the configuration can be maintained under any Country node in SPRO.


Assignment of Business Place to the Plant

In this customizing step, Business Place is assigned to the combination of Plant/Country/Company Code


Maintenance of Document Classes:

Document class is required to make the differentiation in the documents like Credit/Debit memos / Invoices.


Assignment of Document Classes to the Document Type:

In this step, the Accounting document type is being assigned to the document class created in the last step. Here in our case we have taken the standard Accounting document type “R1”.


Maintenance of Number Groups:

In this customizing step, the number groups are maintained. Generally, the number groups are defined in order to maintain your official number ranges. The number group helps in maintaining different number range as per the business requirement.


Maintenance of Number Ranges:

As shown in the below screen print, the number ranges would be maintained under the Number group.


Document Class Determination:

Here, for the combination of Country / region / SD Doc Cat. / Sales area – Document Class needs to be assigned.The same can be maintained through the table maintenance in “J_1IDCLSDET”


Assign Number Range to Business Place:



With the above configuration we can have different number ranges followed plant-wise for various different documents (Invoice/Debit Memo/Credit Memo).

Please note the number generated through this Business Place setup would be available as part of the “Reference number” field in the billing document and the same would be reflected in the accounting document as well. With the help of form enhancement the Reference number can be printed in the invoice document for meeting legal requirements.


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