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Author's profile photo Nilutpal Sharmah

A way out to explore SAP with limited resources

Hello Friends,

Through this blog, I want to take a step to make a concrete way for learning and eventually digesting the concept of various SAP modules in which we work on. Herewith I am mentioning the steps which I have taken to build my stiff ongoing career in SAP. I have started my career with an non IT company where I got chance to explore myself to the world of SAP under the guidance of a SAP INDIA consultant from whom I have got the real test of SAP and that has addicted me towards the wave of this ERP system. So, even after completion of his project (after he left ), I linearly concentrate on various new initiatives like EHP upgrade , SP upgrade, kernel upgrade etc. belonging to BASIS part. Yes, I have faced various issues due to lack of my knowledge, but the confidence that the SAP INDIA consultant has build in me has enabled to dig my doubts brutally and sort out all of them to get into the solution. I hope, you guys are not getting bored off 🙂 ..

During my isolated BASIS ADMIN life , I have followed following steps , which are no doubt very helpful and I am sure SAP freshers can also follow the same to learn more & more ………………..

1. Reading SAP help (Bible of SAP) for each and every daily tasks to mold each concept appropriately .

2. Try to troubleshoot any  unsolved issue though SCN.

3. Explore yourselves with IDES, Sandbox systems.

4. Do as much as R&D you want in any system (hopefully not in production server  🙂 ) after taking complete back-up of the server.

5. If you are in any group companies then you can benchmark the SAP processes carried out in various companies and take out the best one suitable for your organisation , which enables us to analyse and coagulate the SCENARIO – REQUIREMENT – PRACTICE to be followed.

6. Handle internal audits respective to your module and try to sort out all the highlighted issues based on the suggested solution. It enlighten the complete the A to Z life cycle resists in the project/department/organisation.

Request to our SCN Gurus to suggest some more steps which can carried out to be an successful SAP pro.



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      Author's profile photo Juan Reyes
      Juan Reyes

      In my experience the best you can do is to get your hands on a Sandbox... Take a backup of it and then simply test your scenarios there, if you break it then fix it, if you can't fix it then you have a backup, restore the system and break it again, and again.

      You are only as good as your ability to read, learn and understand.

      Regards, Juan

      Author's profile photo Suman Sardar
      Suman Sardar

      Nice Blog.

      There is no such alternative to your first Four options.

      I would like to add some points as add on which is below;

      • Follow the SCN Module Spaces like SAP ERP Sales & Distribution
      • Continuous Read the SCN post and try to test it in your IDES.
      • There are some useful Document posted by other SCN user,try to download this and make your own Knowledge base and study this regular basis.
      • There are two more website I would like to mention for documents
        • Scribed
        • Slideshare
      • Last but not the least Keep giving interviews regularly and learn new things which you are not strong.



      Author's profile photo Nilutpal Sharmah
      Nilutpal Sharmah
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Suman for your concrete success tips !!

      It's really helpful for all SCNians.



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Definitely get access to an IDES box. Nothing is better than getting hands-on and if you can't get something to work... treat it like gold. Figuring out how to get something to work is the best way to learn.


      Author's profile photo Akshay Gupta
      Akshay Gupta

      Very well said.

      If you have that attitude to learn and get past the un-known you will find a way for sure.

      Sandbox systems with backup are the best way to learn a lot.

      Also, if you don't even have access to SAP System within your domain, you can still get started here at one of the public SAP IDES Systems. You wont be able to explore BASIS much, but still get to know the Basics & Functional Modules, I guess.

      And the best way to learn or know about something is by doing it, no matter you do it wrong for first few times.


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Testing the issues posted in SCN with the help of IDES or SandBox is the best way to explore more.

      Happy learning and sharing...

      Best Regards,

      Naresh K.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member


      Excellent tips.

      Thanks for posting...

      Best regards,


      Author's profile photo Nilutpal Sharmah
      Nilutpal Sharmah
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Khushi 🙂

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member


      I am a newbie here, and this post definitely helps in learning how to handle SAP.

      Thanks a lot for sharing...