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SAP FI Tax code transport problem

Tax code transport problem


There have been questions on the function for transporting tax codes between systems. Essentially, the new function is the creation of tax codes in the target system based on tax codes in the source system. It is a fact that the tax codes themselves are contained in transportable tables (T007A and T007S); but that the actual tax rates appear in condition tables (A003, A053, KONH, KONP) that cannot be transported due to the number assignment (KONH-KNUMH and KONP-KNUMH are sequential numbers).

While creating a tax code from FTXP, it is observed that the tax code and its description are updated in the target client whereas tax rates and tax accounts are not updated when the transport request is moved to target client. It is very important to understand this functionality of creation of tax codes and transportation of tax rate and GL accounts. The transportation of tax code is handled differently in SAP.  The following procedure contains all the details required to successfully transport the tax codes between systems. Please pay careful attention to each step.

  1. Important note on transporting tax codes àF1

Message no. F4794


Transporting tax codes requires manual post processing. This post processing is also necessary if tax codes have to be transported from one client to another within the system.


When tax codes are transported, the tax rates of the tax codes are transported using auxiliary table T007V. Logical transport object FTXP is used to transport the definition data of the tax code from table T007A and the language-dependent name to table T007S.

The tax accounts for the tax codes (table T030K) are not transported.

The internal jurisdiction codes are also not transported.

The transport of tax codes between systems or clients consists of two steps:

  1. 1. Step: Export tax codes from source system or source client

2. Step: Import tax codes into target system or target client


  1. 1. In the source system or client, in Customizing for the Financial Accounting Global Settings, choose Tax on Sales/Purchasesà Calculation àDefine Tax on Sales and Purchases Code.
  2. 2. Choose Tax Code àTransport àExport.
  3. 3. Assign the export to the relevant transport request and make a note of the request number.
  4. 4. Select and save the tax codes to be transported.
  5. 5. Make sure that the selected tax codes have the transport number in table T007V.
  6. To check the table, in the SAP menu choose Tools à ABAP Workbench àOverview àData Browser.
  7. 6. Arrange the transport of the request to the target system.



The systems environment must be set usually to changeable.

  1. 1. Make sure that the transported tax codes are recorded in table T007V of the target system or target client.
  2. 2. In the source system or client, in Customizing for the Financial Accounting Global Settings, choose Tax on Sales/Purchases àCalculation àDefine Tax on Sales and Purchases Code.
  3. 3. The tax codes should have been created in the target system without a tax percentage rate by the import.

Go to transaction RFTAXIMP enter the transport request number and the country and execute. The tax rate and tax Gl account would be populated.

Check and confirm the entries.



As of note 110970, testing environments have to be set as changeable, but you do not need to set as changeable production systems.

Ans: Yes I agree with you, if we apply the note # 110970, then there is no need to open the client in the production system. However this setting needs to be done by basis team and needs to create a separate authorization role object. So to that extent it increases the Basis team work load, since whenever a new country goes live basis team have to assign the country in the role.

It is similar to transaction code OB08 and OB52 settings.


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      Former Member

      good information Rithin

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      Former Member

      Hi Rithin,

      It is good information. Just update screen shots then it will e good document.

      Best Regards,

      Kishore Kamarthapu

      Author's profile photo Farhan Ali
      Farhan Ali

      Hi Shah,

      Very informative information.

      Many thanks.



      Author's profile photo Melissa Jansen
      Melissa Jansen


      Great information but it didn't work for me.

      I can see the information in the tables you mentioned but there is still a problem.

      I can see a difference in the contents of table A003 which I believe is causing the problem. I cannot find a way to transport the contents of table A003 and I can't manually add it to a transport.

      Sigh...I will continue to search for a solution.

      Thanks, Melissa

      Author's profile photo Yogesh Kalra
      Yogesh Kalra

      Hi Melissa, were you able to figure out the process for transporting the tax codes and the rates from the Dev system to others and other clients? Any clues/pointers? Really appreciate your help. Thanks!