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F110 -Possible errors –Check list:

Here are some possible errors occurs when running APP (F110).

1. Block not removed at Document Level. A) Payment method not defined.

     B) Payment method supplement not defined. C) House bank not defined.


Go to –FB02 /FB03 Check in document weather Payment Block removed, Payment method and payment method supplement have been entered. Check payment method entered in Voucher and F110- Parameters.

2. Wrong payment method has defined in Parameters.


Check weather same payment method has been entered in Document and F110-Parameters.

Note: Payment method and payment method supplement should be entered at document level. We cannot enter at proposal level.

To check error logs. If payment run has unsuccessful system shows like rounded below

Image 001.png

Go to “Additional log”

Image 002.png

Click on proposal run log then you will get a screen like below

Image 003.png

Click on back button and click on proposal

Image 004.png

Now you can see a screen below

Image 005.png

Image 006.png

Image 007.png

3. Party code /vendor code locked by another proposal.


Some times more than one user making payment to same party /vendor code in Payment run in F110 , like situations system will block for payment run.

So we need to delete any one proposal and run one after one.

Image 008.png

Now you will see a screen below

Here check the message listed below.

Image 009.png

4.When baseline date not Reached.

This case system will not make payment as per the terms of payment.if you see the below screens i have posted one document dated as on 04.02.2014 and base line date is 06.02.2014 and run F110 .

Below is the document screen

Image 10.png

In FBL1N -Display vendor line items system showing the line item no due symbol

Image 14.png

some times users run F110 without checking due date then system will not show those items see below

Image 11.png

next screen display praposal

Image 13.png

Means system will not allow for payment untill baseline date reaches.

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    1. Vivek Srivastava

      Hi Sada,

      Appreciate your effort.

      There are many more type of errors:

      1. Inconsistency in Withholding

      2. In case of Check Payment if address or ZIP code is not maintained on Vendor Master, similarly in case of ACH payments

      3. So time there are no items picked because of Entry Date in FI Document is greater than date mentioned in Docs Entered Upto

      4. Some time not able to see the proposal, programs give error

      Keep the good work on………..


  1. Former Member

    Hello Sada,

    Really nice blog and expecting to requesting you to add more common errors with the relevant screenshots in this blog.

    Thanks alot for sharing your knowledge and keep sharing.


    Lakshmi S

  2. Etore Santos

    Hi Sada,

    Nice job. It is Always good the have a clear document to help us when in trouble with F110. Please keep the post up to date, including as many cases as people can suggest and send to you. At the end we all can have a wide and complete guide to help solving automatic payments problems.


    Etore Santos

  3. Former Member

    Nice document

    I have some comment :

    -1-it is better to enter the vendor number in the additional log to extend the log for more possible errors related to the vendor

    -2-error related to bank account or withholding tax or cash discount such us profit center assignemet or open items management

    -3-error related to payment method itself : either it post a document immediately or send a payment order to in house cash (payment factory)


    1. Former Member Post author

      Hi Hatem ABIDI ,

      Thank you for appreciation and i will try to add more points as you suggested… πŸ™‚


      Sada Bandla

  4. Christoph Gilberg

    Hello Sada,

    I have a question related to your last case, no.4. What is the business process / logic behind setting either a baseline date to the future or backdate the payment run date, which results in this error?

    I never experienced this one before. However, I do see a closely related case several times: the condition that the due date of a invoice was not reached at the day of the payment run. If it still should be paid, e.g. because it would be long overdue before the next scheduled payment run, the solution would be to adjust the “next payment date” input field to cover the invoice(s) in question.

    Thanks in advance and Regards,



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