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I installed DQM for SAP. You can too!

I just helped a customer install Data Quality Management for SAP from scratch.  2 days start-to-finish, including customizations.  We probably could have saved some time if we had all the files downloaded prior to starting the install.

Ingredients (all available from Software Download Center):

  • IPS 4.0 SP4 (release notes)
  • DS 4.1 SP1 Patch 1 (release notes)
  • DQM 4.0 SP02 — Data Services features — e.g. the jobs themselves (release notes)
  • DQM 4.0 SP02 — Java features  (e.g. the RFC servers)
  • DQM 4.0 SP02 — ABAP features (440_731 SP02)
  • an existing SAP ECC EHP6 system running on NW 7.31
  • Data Quality address directories


Most importantly, a list of SAP Notes we found helpful and got us past errors and hiccups.

1740516 – Compatibility requirements between DS, IPS, and Cleansing Package

1720236 – Available releases and patch levels of Data Services

1742633 – Permission error when logging into default local repo after DS 4.1 installation

1887978 – Address Cleanse Suggestions realtime job crashes with Access Violation

1732816 – How to manually import DQM ATL files correctly after failed install

1506464 – What version of DQM is deployed into SAP?

1857608 – BC set activation error on /FLDQ/RSPRODVER report

1517544 – How to activate or reactivate Business Configuration sets for DQM

1373324 – How long can expired USPS directories be used when running in noncertified mode?

1644004 – Enable or disable RFC Server trace logging (traces DQM traffic between SAP & DS)

1529071 – Sizing how many RFC Servers you should use

1544413 – Troubleshooting RFC Server – composite note

1764059 – Troubleshooting RFC Server – can’t find log file

1851293 – Troubleshooting RFC Server – not all services found

Sure, this presumes you know how to install & configure a basic SAP Data Services environment. But it went surprisingly quick and worked basically out-of-the-box. And if you have errors and roadblocks, SAP is here to support you if you create a message to component EIM-DQM-SAP.

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  • Nice work Scott. But the hyper link for address directories seems to have a problem could you please give the correct link.


    Thanks in Advance,

    Sudharsan C

  • Hi Scott,


         After we installed DS 4.1 SP02 and tried to configure the repositories we get the following bug in CMC



  • good stuff scott! Are you able to provide the link where I can find the install guides? I am going to install DQM 4.0 SP04 and would just like to check if there are any changes with the install procedure.


    Thanks in advance


    • Hello Shaun,


      You could edit the standard jobs as you want, taking profit of the RFC server.


      Or you could use a custom one, publishing the job as a real-time service, and consuming it from SAP ECC via Data Services web services.

  • SAP now provides a Cloud service known as SAP Data Quality Management, microservices (DQMm) which provides address cleansing, geocoding, and reverse geocoding.   This Cloud service has also been integrated into the DQM for SAP (ABAP Add-on) which is referred to in this blog.   As part of the SP09 release.  If you purchase the DQMm it includes this ABAP Add-on so you can do all the address cleansing and geocoding via the Cloud vs using Data Services of HANA, smart data quality (if running Suite on HANA).  You also can perform “hybrid” cleansing.  If you’re using say Data Services today you could also buy the micro service to process other countries where you haven’t purchased the use of address directories (reference data for on-premise use).  We’re finding many companies liking this option as in some cases they don’t have the volume of address data to justify buying the reference data for those countries.

    You can find out more in this blog:

    Ryan Champlin

    Sr. Director of Product Management – Enterprise Information Management