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Filtering Through Combo Box

Having read in quite a few discussions stating ‘filtering data from other components other than filters’, this document provides a ‘quick learn way’ for beginner’s on ‘Filtering data using Combo box & List box’. Follow the easy steps below.

Let this be the data, which has Continent->Country->State->Region.

Refer the images right below each step for better understanding.


2_Cell Mapping.PNG

Combo Box1 :

3_Combo1 General tab.PNG

4_Combo1 Behaviour Tab.PNG

Combo Box 2 :

5_Combo2 General Tab.PNG

6_Combo2 Behaviour Tab.PNG

Combo Box 3 :

7_Combo3 General Tab.PNG

8_Combo3 Behaviour Tab.PNG

Combo Box 4 :

9_Combo4 General Tab.PNG

10_Combo4 Behaviour Tab.PNG




But you can do the same with other selectors like List box. This method is used in many scenarios where Drill downs and other complicated functionality needs to be done.
On a further note, use of combo box instead of look-ups functions and few other complicated excel functions is advisable for better performance of dashboard (these combo boxes usually are hidden behind any component, when is used for the functionality).

The sample file has been attached with the extension “.txt”, which can be used by renaming the extension “.xlf”.

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