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Hi All,

This document explains how to implement an action menu on a field in WebUI, this feature has been provided since EHP1 but no clear documentation is available on the Web for this .We shall take a scenario where we will add a menu on the field EMAIL on Business partner screen in web-UI.


1. Create a class ZL_ACTION_MENU in SE24 with super class “CL_BSP_WD_ACTION_PROVIDER” .

2. Redefine the method IF_BSP_WD_ACTION_DESCR_EXT~BUILD_ACTIONS of class ZL_ACTION_MENU with the code below :

METHOD if_bsp_wd_action_descr_ext~build_actions.

* Hasan : Testing for action menu – Testing

   DATA : ls_acts TYPE wcfs_thtmlb_action_menu_item.

   CASE iv_attribute_path.


       ls_actsid = ‘QC1’.

       ls_actstext = ‘New Email Form’.

       ls_actsonselect = ‘quick_create’.

       ls_actsicon_src = ‘/sap/bc/bsp/sap/thtmlb_styles/sap_skins/default/images/email.gif’.

       APPEND ls_acts TO et_actions.

       CLEAR ls_acts.


       ls_actsid = ‘ACT1’.

       ls_actstext = ‘Send mail’.

       ls_actsonselect = ’email’.

       ls_actsicon_src = ‘/sap/bc/bsp/sap/thtmlb_styles/sap_skins/default/images/email.gif’.

       APPEND ls_acts TO et_actions.

       CLEAR ls_acts.

       ls_actsid = ‘ACT2’.

       ls_actstext = ‘Check existence’.

       ls_actsonselect = ‘VERIFY’.

       APPEND ls_acts TO et_actions.



3. Then enhance the component BP_ADDR , view : StandardAddress ; node : STANDARDADDRESS .

4. Here create the method GET_AC for the field STRUCT.E_MAILSMT, with the code :


* Hasan : Testing for action menu.

data : lr_action type REF TO zl_action_menu.

create OBJECT lr_Action.

rv_action_descriptor ?= lr_action.


This will enable the action menu on the attribute.

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  1. Former Member

    Hi All,
    As I followed same code but I am unable to get menu’s. And one more  I found that it is not working for value nodes. But what about  table view, Can we apply?

    Please help me. I am ready to discuss about this. Is there any documentation for this, if so paste the link. 😕

    Thanks in Advance.


    SAP CRM Technical Consultant.


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