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Steps To Do A Global Search In ABAP Webdynpro

Steps To Do A Global Search In ABAP Webdynpro


SAP ABAP provides an option of direct Global Search in most of its components. But when it comes to ABAP WebDynpro there is no such option of Global Search. So when there is a requirement to find a specific part of code or variable in WebDynpro’s code the developer has to manually go through each and every components or view’s method or Windows and search them. Searching each and every Component/View/Window is a tedious and Time consuming process.


The steps to be incorporated are elucidated below.

  • Go to SE24 Transaction and give the input as CL_WDY_WB_NAMING_SERVICE and click on Execute. This is a SAP standard class which is used to fetch the Class associated with the WebDynpro component. Now in the Class Builder Window displayed Select TEST(F8) button    
  • In the Test Class Window select the  button corresponding to the Method GET_CLASSNAME_FOR_COMPONENT.


  • In the input window that follows, given the WebDynpro Name which you wish to do a global search. The WebDynpro name FPM_REQUEST_DIALOG is used as an example and select the  Execute Button.    
  • Result of this method will fetch the Class name created by SAP for the WebDynpro Component (The class name for this component is generated as /1BCWDY/L2U4HZFJ4MQYUW5YG4OB).


  • Now use this class name as the input for SE24 and display the class. This class is a repository of all the code which is added in the WebDynpro. Now click on the Global Find Button.    
  • Let us assume we have to find on where the Interface Data type “lr_window” is used in the code of the Webdynpro. In the find window which follows give the FIND value as “lr_window” and give EXECUTE.
  • The Find fetches all the places of code in the WebDynpro where in this Interface data type “lw_window”  is used.   


  • Double clicking on any of the line where “lw_window” is highlighted takes us to the Compnent/View/Method of the WebDynpro where in the Search Key is used in the coding part.


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  • Hi,

    Nice one!

    Is the search going through enhancements code as well?

    By the way, did you try to enhance some of the WDA menus to streamline this search?


    Best regards,


    • Hi,

      Yeah the search will go through to enhancement code too.

      I havent tried to streamline this search in WDA. If I happen to do one will post another docuement on that too 🙂


      Jegadeesan U

      • Hi,

        I think you can get the class name “faster” doing:

        1) Right-click on Web Dynpro component -> Check -> Extended check


        2) Menu Web Dynpro component -> Check -> Extended check

        As the result is suffixed with ‘==CP’, one should use SE38 instead.

        Best regards,