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Step by Step for establishing RFC Connection between SAP-BW & Data Service

There are many descriptive documents, which talks about the RFC Connections between Data Services and BW, but I created this blog thinking that it will be much more helpful if the same is provided with appropriate screen shots.

I assume that before creating the RFC Connections, Data Services is installed and your BASIS has already imported SAP delivered Functions in the SAP BW Server. These functions are provided in the form of two transport files.

Following are the steps:

  • Installing Functions on the SAP Server
  • Creating RFC Connection in BO Data Services
  • Creating RFC Connection in BW
  • Install Authorizations

Overview with SAP Provided Diagram

SAP Provided.gif

This blog only will focus on the RFC Connection establishment between 2 servers.

Create RFC Connection in Data Services

1. Logon to Data Services Management Console


2. Go to SAP Connections – > RFC Server Interface


3. Click on RFC Service Interface


4. Select Tab RFC Server Interface Configuration


5. Select Add -> Provider necessary server parameters

    Note: In the parameters, the Program ID is the one which you need to provide. You

       can provide any name based on the naming convention your client prefers.

Ex: Program_ID: XX_YYYY


Click on Apply.

The program ID which you are going to define will be used in SAP BW Server ( or any other SAP Server).

6. Select Tab RFC Server Interface Status.

     Now you should be able to view the Server Interface name starts with the Program ID which you have provided.


    Select the check box for the Server Interface and click on Start. If all the parameters are appropriate then the server instance will start with a Green status.


With the above step you have created the RFC connection in Data Services. Now remember the Program_ID.  

In the next two steps I will talk about the RFC Connection in SAP BW. 

7. Now logon into the SAP BW.

    Use Transaction SM59 to create the RFC Connection.


Expand TCP/IP Connection, then Select Create.


The Program ID is the one which you have already created in DS Management Console.

Then once you click the Connection Test button you should see the message Connection Successful.

At this point your RFC Connection configuration is ready in both the systems ( DS & BW) and both the systems are ready for data transfer.

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