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New Functionality in MM Between R/3 4.7 TO ECC 6.0 EHP5

1) Purchase Requisition  – ME51N (save as a Template, Load from Template)


This is a new functionality in SAP ECC EHP 5. Using this business function you can create purchase  requisitions and purchase orders more efficiently using templates.

This function is available in the following transactions;

  • Create Purchase
    Order(ME21N)and Change Purchase Order(ME22N)
  • Create Purchase
    Requisition (ME51N)and Change Purchase Requisition (ME52N)

You can use the following functions :

Create, Use and Delete User specific templates

Create, Use and Delete public templates which are available to all users.

are available to all users.

You can use entered data as a template without having to save the document first. From the templates you create, you can copy either header and item data or only item data to a purchasing document.






Click on Save As Template push button.


Click on Public template check box if you want this template available for all users and click on OK push button.

When you create a Purchase requisition next time then simply click on Load From Template push button and select your template and click on OK button. Your template data will be copied to Purchase requisition as shown below.


Create Purchase requisition screen.


The same is applied for Change Purchase requisition and Purchase orders.

2) Extended document flow in Purchase document screen.

Using the above function, we can display all the related purchasing and sales documents in purchase requisitions, purchase orders, inbound deliveries and outbound deliveries.

In the item overview, we can use the new push button  Untitled7.jpg        Extended Document Flow.

This push button enables us to display purchasing and sales documents that are related to the selected purchasing or sales item.

SAP ME53N Screen in SAP ECC EHP5 with Extended document flow Icon.


Extended document flow for Purchase requisition 10015674


3) Park and Hold in Service Procurement (New)

Using the above function, you can Park purchase requisitions and purchase orders for materials and services:


You can use the Park and Hold function to provisionally save incomplete documents for final processing at a later date.


Holding of a purchasing document:

If you want to create a purchasing document, you may be missing some information at that point in time, or you may be interrupted when creating a document. In this case, you can still put for example, an incomplete purchase order on hold, and finish it at a later point in time before saving.

Parking of purchasing document:

If you want to create a purchasing document, the document may be complete in material management point of view, but some financial information may still be missing at that point in time (FI view)


In both cases, you can the provisionally save (Park) the purchasing document and continue processing it at a later point in time before saving.

ME51N Screen in SAP ECC EHP 5 (with Park and Hold Push buttons)


4) Putting Service Purchase orders on Hold (Changed)

As of SAP ECC EHP5, you can put Service Purchase orders on Hold.

ME21N screen in SAP ECC EHP 5


5) Mass Maintenance for Scheduling Agreements and Contracts (New)


As of SAP ECC EHP5, You can mass maintain Scheduling Agreements and Contracts.


The following transactions have been introduced:

MEMASSSA: Mass Maintenance Schedule agreements


MEMASSCONTRACT: Mass Maintenance Contracts


6) Payment Processing tab in Purchase order header for Down Payments (NEW)

As of SAP ECC EHP 4 & 5, you can save down payment data in the purchase order data, both at Header level and item level.

You can specify down payment categories, down payment percentages, down payment amounts and due dates in purchase order.


In the report, down payments monitoring for PO (ME2DP) you can display all down payments – relevant data whose due dates are within certain period. You can also display data for purchase orders and branch to the FI
applications for creating down payment requests and down payments.



When clicking on Create icon:


Choose radio button Down payment request to create Payment request else choose Down payment radio button for creating down payment.





7) Blocking Reason for Purchase order (New)

As of SAP ECC EHP 5, when you block Purchasing document item you can assign a block reason id in item detail purchase order history tab of purchasing document.


8) MM60 Material list report in ALV format

As of SAP ECC EHP 5, you can execute MM60 report in ALV format.

MM60 Output in ALV format in SAP ECC EHP5


9) New field “Document Incomplete” has been incorporated in Reports ME5A, ME2L, ME2N, and ME2M

ME5A Screen in SAP ECC EHP 5



10) Stock in transit on Key date – MB5TD (New)

As of SAP ECC EHP 5, Stock in transit can be viewed on Key date.



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