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General Task List Upload on LSMW with Document (DMS) by Direct Input method

Table of Contents

I. Requirement

II. Solution

III. How to do

1. Prerequisite

2. Correct wrong default transaction on LSMW



        3. LSMW creation for General Task List

Maintain Object Attributes

Maintain Source Structures

Maintain Source Fields

Maintain Structure Relations

Maintain Field Mapping and Conversion Rules

Define Upload File

Specify Files

Read Data

Convert Data

Create Batch Input Session

Run Batch Input Session

I. Requirement

  • Upload General Task Lists with operations
  • Task List number is generated automatically
  • Documents are assigned to Operations on task list

II. Solution

  • Create LSMW with Direct Input method
  • Multi – level structure with 3 levels : task list header, task list operation and document

III. How to do

1. Prerequisite

  • Document Management System is implemented in advance
  • Documents are already created on CV01N
    • Sample documents using on scope of this Document are


2. Correct wrong default transaction on LSMW


  • Transaction LSMW with objects 0490 – general task list call to IA01 (equipment task list) instead of IA05
  • Apply SAP Note 1120544


Detail steps are:

Go to transaction code SM31, select table SXDA3, choose Maintain


Click on Table Name and Enter, type IBIPTLST on Table Name


Double click on below record


Change value IA01 to IA05 and Save


Other method to change the T code

In the LSMW under Maintain “Field Mapping and Conversion Rules” in change mode


Just double click on IBIPLIST-TCODE it will pop up new screen where you can change the T code = IA05

Note: If you dont find the technical fileds in the above screen you can activate by menu path Extras>layout , then tick mark the “Technical Fields


Edited the content for sharing the information , thanks to Mr PHI DANG for this documentation

3. LSMW creation for General Task List

Maintain Object Attributes

Choose Object and Method as below


Maintain Source Structures

Create Source Structure as below.

Put curse on TLHEADER and click  /wp-content/uploads/2013/07/7_247215.pngbutton, select Lower Level and type TLOPERATION

Put curse on TLOPERATION and click /wp-content/uploads/2013/07/7_247215.png button, select Lower Level and type TLDOCUMENT


Maintain Source Fields

Enter source fields as below. You may enter other field length number.


IDENT is a key to map Header and Operation

IDENT2 is a key to map Operation and Document


Maintain Structure Relations

Create Relationship as below


Maintain Field Mapping and Conversion Rules

Select Extra à Auto-Field Mapping for this step


Define Upload File

There are 3 upload file: HEADER, OPERATION and DOCUMENT

Below are sample upload files

     1. Header


If you want to use INTERNAL NUMBER RANGE, put the “!” on PLNNR, otherwise, upload program just create the first task list only

If you want to use EXTERNAL NUMBER RANGE, enter Group name as normal (E.g. Inspection1)

     2. Operation

In my upload, I create 2 operations for each task list; Header of each Operation is identified by IDENT key


     3. Document

Document is attached to Operation as PRT with PRT category Document

IDENT2 is a key to identified which document is assigned to which operation

In this example, I assign 2 documents to each operation of 1st Task list, 3 documents to each operation of 2nd task list and 1 document to operation 10 of 3rd task list



Document with DMS is usually assigned on task list as below:


Specify Files

Assign correct upload files on this step


Read Data

Convert Data

Do as normal

Create Batch Input Session

Choose application server and assign Physical file for save incorrect data records. In my case, I use the same file


Run Batch Input Session

Execute Session and get Result


Check Task List 45





Document on Operation 10


2 documents on operation 10 of the 1st task list as on upload file.

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    • I saw that the tcode on maintain field mapping is hidden. That’s why I have to use this way. please tell me if it’s possible 🙂 . Thank you for encouraging comment. This is my first document and I am very happy with your encouragement.

    • Dear Thyagarajan Krishnamurthy

      I tried your document and found that something is missing. Guide me if I m wrong!

      U have used identifier fields IDENT and IDENT2 in all your files to establish the relation , but this field mapping with target structure is not explained and hence the data is not read or write in the LSMW steps. Can you modify the document and show how we map this IDENT and IDENT2 keys of source with target (I mean to which fields in target structure we have to map them , only then the records will be read).

      Following your document steps I was not able to upload data and stuck at read step.

      • Hi

        For your information this document is prepared by Mr Phi Dang, i just modified to change the T code in LSMW itself.

        For your querry you cannot able to map the IDENT and IDENT2 in field mapping , you have to specify only in the source structure and in the upload file

        kindly check



    • Dear Maheswaran

      Yes its possible to upload components also with this and I did it successfully….But I got struck up with PRT. Please if you can help me out or let me know if any faults from my end bcz of which the PRT’s are not getting uploaded?


    • hi Thien,

      you could follow my above document but instead of DMS document, you could define for maintenance package.

      The idea is still the same following the level of Header –> Operation –> Maintenance package.

      On step Maintain Source Structure you create source structure for Maintenance Package which is sub level of operation, on step Maintenance Source Field you define field for Maintenance Package, on step of Maintain Structure Relationship you map with IBIPMPAC.

      Note that you upload file contains proper data for maintenance package.

      It is mostly the same with DMS Document.


      Phi Dang