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BW 7.3 : Data Flow Migration Tool

In SAP BW 7.3, we have a new wizard to migrate entire data flow from 3.X to 7.X. Prior to BW 7.3 we have to migrate each object separately.

In 7.3 we can migrate entire data flow to 7.0

For Migration Process:

Step 1. RSA1–>From Info Provider Context menu–>Migrate Data Flow.


Step 2. Migration Project Name.


Step 3.Select 3.X Objects


Step 4.Save &  Click On Migrate.

Step 5.Status of the Migration Project.


Step 6.Selection of Steps & Click on Migrate/Recover.


Step 7.Run Migration.


Step 8.Migration Complete : NO Error.


Migration Completed.

For Migration Recovery Process:

Step 1:


Step 2: Uncheck the Objects.



Step 3: Run the Recovery.


Recovery Process Completed.

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  • Hi Satya,

    Thanks for making very helpful blog and for sharing.

    Mean we want run this migration for each data source data flow design?


    • Hi Satya,

      we recently upgraded our BW system to 7.3 so we migrated 3.x flows by using this migration tool. while migrating hierarchy 3.x datasources tranformations and dtp won’t be created automtatically. we have to create transformation and dtp.

      Your document looks nice which will be helpful for those who will upgrade their systems.Keep it up.



    • Hi Ramanjaneyulu,

      Prior to 7.3 we have to migrate each BW object separately,BW 7.30 Presents with a Wizard based solution,which migrates all the BW objects in the data flow along with process chains.



  • Hi Sattayya…….

    Nice document…….. it will helpfull to everybady… and every one can easily understand this code..

    thanks for your efforts …. I am appreciating you…because i dont have points to give you..:):)


    Ramki buddala

  • Nice doc Satya.

    Very helpful

    Can you provide me some inputs on the migration of the datasources where we have queued delta.

    I guess we need to stop the ECC postings while we move the objects to Prodcution

    Pl provide hints


    • Hi Satya,

      Thanks for sharing this information, it is really helpful.

      Along with Pallavi’s query. I have one more issue in Migration tool and wanted to share with everyone. When we try to migrate update rule and return table is used then migration of update rule does not happens, we need to migrate code manually.

      Also while migrating if we have declared any internal table with communication structure and we are assigning values from this internal table to data_package (or vice a versa), it used to work in 3.x but it does not work in 7.x. This need to corrected in Update rule and then migrate it.



  • Hi,

    Thank you very much for the Article.

    Couple of questions for you…….

    How do you compare data flow after Migration b/w 3.x & 7.x ?

    I have gone through below link but we are not able to see option like ” In the context menu of this data transfer process, choose         Compare Data Flow”.

    Checking a Migrated Data Flow – Modeling – SAP Library

    Could you please share us any check list for Data flow Migraton7.3, should taken Before/After migratoin ?

    Thanking you in advance.

    • Hello Suresh,

      I really appreciate your point concerning comparing. Could you pleased provide any additional information about this? are you still looking for a check list or already found something?



      • Hi Sherif,

        Good day!!!

        Q1) After a small investigation I came to know that there is a tool to compare migrated data flow in BW7.4 but not in BW7.3. If you are in BW7.4 then you can start using it by right click.

        But comparing Manually is a big task 🙁 need to compare all data flow objects like;

        1. Info package Filters/Routines.

        2. DTP filters/ Routines.

        3. Transformations Mappings/Routines.

        4. Code consistency/Tuning required (obsolete ABAP keywords)

        5. Field mappings will happen automatically, but the double check is required, there might be a case where wrong mappings could happen to similar data type fields to different target fields.

        6. Few mappings might be missing.

        7. After migration, you will be seeing all the routines in one screen despite std 7.x TRFNS.

        8. Check data loads before/After.

        9. If it’s Delta, pay more attention.

        10. Adjust Process chains.

        11. Check all dependent objects if any, inactive objects after Migration

        12. Check reporting info providers like MP/IS after Migration.

        My taught, I prefer not to use last 2 steps in Migration process because if something goes wrong we can still recover the changes. If the changes were consistently applied in the production system, create one more request and delete all the obsolete data flows and push to go-live again. 🙂

        Q2) I didn’t find any standard checklist, after experiencing on few data flow migrations I understood what needs to be taken care before & after migration. I didn’t document it probably, I’ll have to make it for future use. 🙂

        All these are my experience not in all cases!!!


        Suresh V

    • HI Sherif,

      We have to fix common errors, depends on the error it gives you. That’s what I did but required little ABAP knowledge.

      I don’t see any major bugs, but you will come across small syntax or keyword errors. No automated process will have to replace the code with new syntax if any. Don’t worry it’s not a big thing to resolve.

      As said before, pay more attention to testing this is where will get into trouble.


      Suresh V

      • Hi ,

        How do you migrate the data source for the master data. I have a big list of more than 1000. Should it be done 1 at a time?

        Any wizard to collect all at one go and migrate?

        Also i see that only project is entered ? should it not have a transport request promted to collect and transport?

        Thanks & regards,