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Keeping Tabs on the Right People

In the last SCN release, we made a subtle UI change of major significance. Now, the People tab in every space lists the principle stakeholders of that space: The space editors and moderators.


Try it: Click the People tab in any space and you’ll see the names of its space editors and moderators. With this information more readily available in the spaces you care about, you’ll be able to follow those who monitor and actively care for the space, and generally have a better picture of who’s involved with the topic. Furthermore, as the result of improvements to the space permission schema, space editors named for a space will be more empowered to update their space overview pages with important product news and content.

For example, this is how it appears in the Enterprise Asset Management (SAP EAM) space:


The roles of moderator and space editor are SCN terms. They don’t exist in out-of-the-box Jive. The SCN permissions model is more granular than the Jive schema, which has made it difficult to be transparent in terms of roles and responsibilities. If anything, it’s been unclear; before this UI fix, the People tab listed the so-called “Space Administrators,” which was a bunch of people from the SCN team, along with some test accounts, and a few stray folks whose identity it was difficult to pinpoint.

With this improvement, hopefully each space will become more cohesive as a community.

Remember to follow the spaces and people you most care about. As you establish relationships with the stakeholders, you’ll be able to utilize direct messaging for one-to-one communication. These linkages ultimately enhance the integrity of the community by creating connections among its members and a constructive flow of information.

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