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How I benefitted from SCN

I was not sure where to write this blog post, hence decided to write here. If this is not appropriate please do let me know.

I was at the audition of Capgemini Super Techies Show on last Saturday.

The registration process was open till June 25th , 2013. The registration process was simple. A team of two had to be formed with a short bio blurb and academic and professional achievements. Then the selection process for audition would be done by the organizers. I was desperately waiting for the call to audition as I had missed my auditions last year. And boy the organizers did not disappoint this time as well. Me and my friend were among the 260 teams shortlisted from 12,500 teams.

We reached the venue dressed up in the formals and completed the remaining registration formalities. Then we guided to a waiting room where few more teams were there. It felt much like a campus interview day where everyone was waiting for their turn. Soon the process rolled. Teams in batches of 4 were taken into a room. The organizer gave us the details on the process and also informed us that out of 12,500 people only 260 teams were shortlisted. Boy!!! we were a bit elated to hear but every coin has a flip side. We came to know that out of 260 teams around 65 were in B’lore hence the competition would be tough.

The case for the audition round had to be decided by individual teams and based on that a solution had to be prepared keeping in technologies such as Mobility , Cloud Infrastructure , Big Data etc. This was a googly. There was a time limit of 10 mins to prepare ,  followed by 15 mins of presentation to a three panel jury.We discussed and finally decided on a problem : A Disease Monitoring System and an e-fulfillment system for it. In India , there are certain epidemics which occur annually and before the government realizes the scale is pretty huge. What we proposed is a network of Drug Suppliers(the current availability of the key drug could be intimated ) linked with a District monitoring offices which also monitors the distribution of key drugs from District Warehouse to District Hospitals. The District Monitoring systems performs analysis based on drug consumption patterns at District warehouses as well as hospitals. Moment an arrived at threshold value for key drug is reached , an alert is sent out to District Medical officer on his Mobile (possibly  could be an epidemic). The District Medical officer can issue orders for immediate procurement of key drugs through the mobile directly to the drug suppliers. Also he can do a quick check on the available doctors in that and get more doctors from nearby districts.

10 mins is a short time but we managed to jot down few points and drew a block diagram for the solution. After 10 mins we were asked by the volunteer to get ready for presentation. And we got the nod to walk in. There was a three member jury whom we greeted and then started the presentation. During the presentation things did not go as plan. Sometimes we spoke too much on things we had decided to speak later and sometimes we forgot to speak what we had decided.But we remained cool and composed and managed to bring home the major points we had jotted down. Overall I could rate the presentation not bad. It was followed by a brief questioning on how would be tackle new diseases when they prop up , what type of analysis models we are thinking of and what are the various data sources, why a mobile app and not a website which disburses information and how do we plan to handle volume of information. We provided satisfactory answers to most of the questions and were informed that if selected we would be intimated in 3-4 weeks for a TV round.

Well I blogged my experience here because I think I benefited a lot going through saphana;sapmobile sapcloud  articles/blogs posted . If you have been reading around saphana; and missed the word predictive analytics , I think you were passively reading. If you have not read about sapmobile and various use cases and studies published , then you don’t read beyond your topics. I think reading on different topics did broaden my horizon a lot and I could provide inputs on what type of model we could think of for the problem statement. Also some of the questions asked for e.g. what type of predictive analysis model we plan to build was easier to answer. Concluding sapscn rocks.

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