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When talking about NetWeaver Gateway it is extremely valuable to have a scenario that can showcase the capabilities of the product. For such scenarios an OData service is required to represents all the functionalities that latest NetWeaver Gateway version supports.

We therefore started to develop such a servie based on the The NetWeaver Enterprise Procurement Model – An Introduction .

The data model is quite simple and the associations between the entity types are depicted in the following.  Relationen.png

The service can be accessed in the SAP Netweaver Gateway Service Consumption System that has been made available via the SAP NetWeaver Gateway Developer Center.

The Service URL is the following:

How to access the system is described in the following SCN document

We have provided several test cases for this service that can be accessed via the Gateway Client using transaction /IWFND/GW_CLIENT.


Finally you can find a more detailed picture of the OData model that has been created by importing the data model into GWPA:


Entity Set Creatable Updatable Deletable Adressable
BusinessPartnerCollection X X X X
ContactCollection X X X
ProductCollection X X X X
SalesOrderCollection X X X X
SalesOrderLineItemCollection X X X

Links for testing:

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    1. Former Member



             I am new on Sap community. Can you please tell which Username & password it want to download the metadata file. & how can i get that username & password.



  1. Alexander Geppart

    Hi Andre,

    thanks a lot.

    As a developer, i have to say, we would have even more from it if we would have the ability to see this service also in transaction SEGW.  So we can see the mapping between servcies and backend functions.

    Even if it would be just read only.

    Is it planned to provide the corresponding project in SEGW?

    Kind regards

  2. Former Member

    is this service still available. Have been getting errors today but it appeared to be working on friday, just wondering if it is just a little bit of downtime or is this service being deprecated ?

  3. Wouter Peeters

    Hi Andre,

    Superb! We’re trying to recreate the EPM demo but we’re having some issues with the Sales Order Item -> Product link.

    Will the demo service be available in the SEGW builder any time soon?




  4. Łukasz Huczała


      Is the demo service ZGWSAMPLE_SRV  still working?

      I am getting “Backend system cannot be reached” and “Security system cannot be

      reached” when trying to Ping it from SMP.

    1. Tobias Griebe

      Hi Łukasz,

      the service is still working. From the logs I can’t see the error messages you’ve posted above. But what I can see in the logs is, that some users try to fetch data with the REQUEST_METHOD=OPTIONS instead of GET.

      Do you have requested your own user in this system?



        1. Tobias Griebe


          are you able to call the service from your browser or any generic REST client with your user credentials?

          Have you checked the network traffic? What are the actual ERROR messages that you get?

          I can only see errors for your username from yesterday and all those errors are related to wrong URLs/ServiceCalls.

  5. Former Member

    Hi All

    I am a beginner to Mobility and SAP NW Gateway. I followed all the example and am able to view and create SalesOrder for the ZGWSAMPLE_SRV. I am also getting the newly created Sales Order ID.

    However my question is what TCode to be used in ECC to view these Sales Orders. VA03 does not display these Sales Order created through this data model.

    Am I missing something.

    Would be really appreciative if somebody can guide me.



      1. Andre Fischer Post author

        Hi Syam,

        there is no need to perform an explicit COMMIT.

        If the service responds with the newly created Sales Order ID the sales order in the demo data has been created.

        Best Regards,


    1. Andre Fischer Post author

      Hi Sunita,

      thanks for pointing me to this.

      The problem was that a job that refreshes the data on a daily basis was not running any more.

      I have rescheduled it and the URL is now delivering data.

      Best Regards,


    1. Volker Drees

      Hi Kapil,

      the Product entity type is not a media link entity type (see $metadata). That’s also the reason why you don’t see the $value URI when accessing the entry ProductCollection(‘HT-1000’).

      So in order to access the picture you need to (manually) take the information from the ProductPicUrl property and fetch the picture.

      Best Regards, Volker


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