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Here are a set of simple steps you need to follow to create dependencies between two components

  1. Create 2 development components (say DC1 & DC2)
  2. Create a component for each Development component
  3. Create application for both the development components
  4. Select the DC2 and create a public part for this because DC2 is the development component that is to be published
  5. Add component of DC2 to public part by right clicking on it and publishing it in public part.
  6. Create dependencies in DC1 ( this can be done by navigating to Windows->view component properties ->dependencies)
  7. Now build the project
  8. Go to used component in DC1
  9. Select the component  of DC2

        You are done 🙂

If you want to navigate between them then

  1. Go to window of DC1
  2. Embed interface view
  3. Create the inbound & outbound plugs as needed.

Screenshots of the steps mentioned above

Step 1


Step 2


Step 3



Step 4


Step 5



Step 6



Step 7 : Now build the project

Step 8


Step 9


If you want to navigate between them then







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  1. Former Member

    After doing this Dc dependency, the components in DC2 should be added as references in the required component of DC1 right? When i try to add components in references, i am getting null pointer exception. Does anyone know What might be the reason for this?


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