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Automatic code completion

Beside the automatic syntax check, we introduced also the automatic code completion after component selectors with ADT 2.13.

If you enter a component selector (like ->, =>, or ~) after an identifier and wait for a short moment, code completion will list all relevant components of that identifier automatically. You just have to select the right one.

You can enable/disable the functionality in the preferences: “Windows > Preferences > ABAP Development > Editors > Source Code Editors > Automatically trigger code completion after typing -, ~, ->, =>”. It is enabled by default.


Also this functionality works for all backend systems that supports ADT (i.e., SAP Netweaver 7.31 SP4 and higher).


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  • Hi
    Thank you for this nice info,

    I have done it but I could get the full signature on completion,

    so I would like to add more info about it

    to add full signature on completion, just active the check box in eclipse.