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The new version of SAP PPM 6.0

Hello there,

We recently have the new version of SAP PPM 6.0.

SAP PPM release 6.0 is packed full of additional features that are delivered as part of the Customer Connection initiatives 1 and 2, but can also be installed via notes in the SAP PPM 5.0 release. The big highlight however is, that as an option, SAP PPM 6.0 can also be operated on SAP HANA!!!

The performance problems that usually occur on large projects with many tasks and resources, will be a thing of the past. Through real-time processingwith SAP HANA, important jobs with which data is distributed within the portfolio can be synchronously run – providing current data that is instantly available.

See aditional information for Customer Connecion Cycle 1 & 2 (Florian Arnold)–>

Question: Wich is the benefit’s of SAP PPM 6.0?

  1. Portfolio Planning
    • Development of new product innovations
    • Renovation of existing products
    • Project monitoring regarding: timeline, budget,risks
    • Scoring of projects and KPI
    • Portfolio adjustment, including budget changes due to a budget cut for the whole portfolio or specific investment buckets
  2. Project Management
    • Project creation and project structuring
    • Resource management by project manager or line managers
    • Project calculation and accounting object assignment
    • Transfer of calculations to financial and capacity planning on the portfolio level
    • ŸProject baseline creation and release of project for execution
    • Task execution and time recording
    • ŸProject reporting and adjustment
    • ŸProject closure
  3. SAP PPM 6.0 powered by HANA: All of the Dashboard that you have in SAP PPM would be optimized by HANA content.
    • Gain real-time visibility into your project investments for large and complex portfolios.
    • Speed up task processing for end users when handling with a large amount of tasks distributed across multiple projects.
    • Increase Users productivity by time reduction through system supported simulations and analysis on big master data volumes
  4. Optimization for Project Management
    • Faster access to information. Project Dashboard & Task Dashboard. Update multiple Tasks. Search. Evaluations and Thresholds.
  5. Optimization for Portfolio Management
    • Faster access to information. Item & Initiative Dashboard + Metrics. Financial and Capacity Planning. Bucket Rollup. Authorization Checks
  6. Archiving for Portfolio Objects.
  7. Enhanced calculation for Financial KPIs
  8. Business Case in Portfolio Item KPIs
  9. Mobile Technology in PPM
    • Task details
    • Task Performance

As can we see most of the new technological functions are very important and are integrated with SAP PPM. The new perspective in this product it’s to create a complete Solution Area called EPPM (Enterprice Portfolio and Project Management) with end-to-end solution (RDS) and the five point future direction (Markets, Business, User and Technology). This new perspective allows out of anonymity to SAP PPM and will be open to a new market.

Let start to learn more about SAP HANA amd Mobile technology. This new Solution Area includes the SAP CPM 1.0 called “SAP Commercial Project Management 1.0” similarly as Portfolio & Project Management with is own Project Workspace.


SAP Help portal of SAP PPM 6.0 –>

SAP Solution Explorer of SAP PPM 6.0 –>

SAP PPM 6.0 Official Presentation (updated 21/07/2014) –>

Hope this would be help.

Best regards.


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  • Hi Mariano, thanks very much as always for the useful post. I only briefly went through the release notes and it appears that if you are on PPM 5.0 SP10, then there are no major functional enhancements, correct? Maybe it should have been called v5.5 😏

    • Hi Lashan;

      Thank you for your comment. I think that I answer your question, but if you ask me why didn’t called v5.5 because you cannot a new version with a subversion like 5.5 I suppose they assign a new solution Area that you have SAP PPM and SAP CPM (SAP Commercial Project Management 1.0), that it’s new. It’s a new market.

      Best regards.


  • Hi Mariano,

    Thank you very much for the detail information, please keep sharing if you find more information. Hope this SAP PPM 6.0 solves the refresh issue and the biggest challenge i have faced till now is poor performance for big projects. Hope the integration with SAP HANA solves this i am eager too see this system out in market to implement. I can be more confident with this system if the performace is improved.



    • Hello Lohith;

      Thank you for your comment! It’s true that SAP PPM have to solve some issues, most of them are in Project Management, because they comes by default from the old versions of cproject. I Hope that SAP HANA – that is the workhorse – solves this issues and improve performance in al SAP PPM 6.0. Let’s stay alert about this.

      Please check this SAP Hana performance Documentation –>

      Best regards.


  • Hi Mariano,

    the link on the official PPM presentation is broken, actually I got this error message ” This Keep&Share account is closed:” 🙁

    Could you share again this presentation ?

    thanks in advance


  • Hi Mariano

    Can you inform me please If PPM 6.1 integrate with CPM if YES

    Is the configuration done in SPRO? Can you or any one tell me steps if possible please.

    • Hello Yousuf;

      The new versión of SAP CPM will integrate with SAP PPM, they depends of SAP CPM and not of SAP PPM, because they integrate with the Project Workspace of SAP CPM with Item Portfolio of SAP PPM.

      I don’t know the configuration. I will investigate.

      Best regards,


  • Hello Mariano,


    Hope you are doing well.

    As you are the experienced person related to PPM, I have some questions related to this.

    The company where I am working for , has plans to upgrade from cProjects 4.5 to PPM 6.1 and this on NW 7.5

    The questions that I have:

    • What is the End of Maintenance Date for cProjects 4.5 and for the Dual Stack (JAVA-ABAP) related to cProjects ? On PAM i saw 2020.
    • What are the migration risks for the Upgrade ?
    • What do we have to do with the Dual Stack Split, use separate Databases or one database with MCOD ?
    • What is the average time it will take to upgrade ?
    • The information (Upgrade Master Guide – Master Guide) from SAP related to PPM 6.1 is that valuable to do the upgrade.

    The last question that I have is. How can we decommission cProjects if they client wants to do this? In essence cutting cProjects from SAP ECC is not possible because it is an add-on.

    You can email me on


    Thank you in advance for your help.