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Personas and F4 Search Help

In some cases, trying to use an F4 search help in an SAP transaction via Personas would fail. The search help would return no values, and often the cancel button wouldn’t work so there was no way out other than reloading the page and cancelling the transaction. There is a workaround for this, changing the settings in the “Help->Settings->F4 Help” dialog from “Systems defaults” to “Dialog (modal)”:


This make search helps work properly, but is inconvenient as it is a per-user setting. A fix is now available in OSS Note 1885506, released today. The fix just forces dialog mode for Personas connections. I’ve been testing the fix for the last few days in my system and it has cured all of my search help problems. If you’ve been having problems with search helps via Personas, apply this note and see if it helps.


I’m mentioning this specifically as it is a fix to the ITS component and not to Personas directly, and so it doesn’t show up in OSS searches for personas and so is easily missed.

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  • Hi Steve

    thanks for the tip !

    We are working on SSP 1.0 SP2 , and implemented note 1885506

    Next to this, I also verified that the F4 value help setting is on “dialog mode”.  It is!


    Still, EnjoySAP transactions like ME51N, ME53N, … do not work as expected. Value helps are not available when you enter data in the “item overview” section (i can send you screenshots via mail if required) .

    Only in the “item” section the value helps are available.


    You have a solution ?




    • That’s odd, because F4 help does work in ME21N, and of course F4 help does work in WebGUI for ME51N.


      It turns out that although they look the same, ME21N and ME51N actually use different controls for the item overview section. ME21N uses a “TableView” while ME51N uses a “GridView”. I wonder if that is the cause? If it is, there’s nothing you can do about that – I would have to say it is a bug. Especially as it works OK in WebGUI. I would report it to OSS.


      Sorry – that’s not very helpful!



      • Hi , THanks for your feedback.   I’ll start with opening a SAP note then.


        Sushant, we are on kernel 7.21 , sup.pckg.lvl = 132 .   Is that the info you need ?

        I found this info in the “kernel information” section of the Status menu of the SAP menu.


        Thanks !

        • Hi David,


          Yes there were some issues with patch 132/133.

          Kernel team had fixed them with 134 onwards. So i would recommend to upgrade. As of today, SMP has kernel patch 135. If after upgrade, issue continues, please report to us through OSS.



    • Hi Steve,

      I also came across this issue recently and followed the workaround shared here and indeed it resolves the issue. I’m working on a pilot project at the moment and I’m required as per internal process to gain approval from a Design Architect before implementing OSS notes into our NON-PRD systems before transport to PRD.

      Our DA is reluctant to approve this as the note will change the default setting across client and thus potentially could impact other SAP users on our PRD system, outside of Personas.

      Therefore question is, do you know what impact (if any) this note will have on users that are not working with Personas but still require to access the R/3 back-end system?


  • Hi Steve Rumsby,

    I’ve maintained the setting as suggested above and even applied the OSS note 1885506.

    The issue still remains. I’ve attached a screenshot with the error message that comes instead of the search help. Please suggest if you have any possible solutions.

    Thanks in advancef4 persona s grab.JPG