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Configurable Task List (Continuation to )

This is addition to the document written by Jogeswara Rao Kavala.

Only step 5 is modified as following to make sure the automatic assignment for characteristics values.

Step 5. Create Configurable Material using MM01 transaction code and assign class “MOTOR_TYPES” in material classification with default values for characteristics.



Step 5.1 Assign configurable material in configuration data tab of equipment master using IE02 transaction code.


Please refer to for further details.

Configurable task list can be used in maintenance plan after implementing it with configurable material.

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  • Good Research, this adds good value to the referred article on ‘configurable Tasklist.

    Also I’ve mentioned about this document in the article.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Jogeswara Rao K

  • Hi everyone, are there any way to do this for a Functional Location?.

    Can you assign a Class type 300 to a functional location also?.



  • Hi,

    I was going through the above process.

    In step 4. Tasklist configuration profile (CU41). Instead of the below screen you mentioned


    I am getting another screen as shown below.


    Please guide me if i did any thing wrong.

    Thank you

    Renjith NK

    • Hello Renjith,

      • First you need to create a Profile line item here and then by clicking on Class Assignment icon you arrive at the screen given in Step 4.
      • However, I modified that part of the document by giving one more screen-shot.
      • Please go through.


  • Hi,

    I have successfully completed the above Configurable TL process☺.

    but I didn’t get the role of  Task list configuration profile (CU41) in this process.

    could you please explain me.

    Thank you

    • Hello Renjith

      I do not remember exactly. You may have a negative testing and draw conclusions accordingly.. Possible you are right for the scope of present documentation. You observe things very well 🙂


      • Hi,

        Thanks for the inspiration.

        Please find the below my findings and observations

        1) Role of Tasklist configuration profile (CU41) – This profile links General Tasklist, Class and Class type.

        2) Instead of always using “=” condition in Object dependencies it will be good (for  better understanding) to have some conditions as shown.



        it worked well for me.

        3) Step no 5.Assign the class to equipments (IE02). is not required, since we are selection Task list manually. During Tasklist selection it will ask for Characteristics value which are assigned in the Task list. Operations are automatically selected with reference to the input value and will be transferred to the maintenance order. This selection and transfer of Operation is possible for any object in the order.

        Thank you

        Renjith NK

        • 1.You are right about CU41.

          2. Depends upon case to case, because ACSCI Motors in this example come in discrete KW ratings like 3.7, 5.5, 7.5, 11.5, 17.5 22.5 and so on. So the arithmetical operators like < etc may not be suitable for all.

          3. The author is different. It was for extended purpose.