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A new way to find your SCN ID

SCN ID is something you will need from time to time to facilitate your activities on SCN. Such as when you need to contact for any support reason, or you are trying to participate in some community challenges like The Data Geek Challenge. However, you probably don’t have the ID on the top of your mind like your cell phone number. So where do you find it when you need it? If you are an experienced SCN member, you might know a couple of ways doing that, but you would probably agree that they are not so straight forward.

Now thanks to our team, we have a much more intuitive and faster way to find this small piece of information. Today if you go to your user profile bio tab, you will see a small button named “Expand” right next to your name.

     Find SCN ID-1.PNG

– Click on it, and you will have see your SCN ID.

     Find SCN ID-2.PNG

That’s it. Thanks again to our team for making some people’s life a bit more easier.

In addition to your SCN ID, you may also need to provide your Profile URL for certain SAP campaigns, events, contests, promotions, etc. You can get your profile URL through the following method:

– Go to the SCN Home Page and log in

– Click on the Display Avatar at the top of the page:


– You will be directed to your SCN Profile. Once it stops loading, select the web URL from your browser:


– The selected text on your browser address bar is your Profile URL. Copy-paste it accordingly

PS: Some people refer to your username on SCN as user ID, so it might get a little bit confusing. Make sure what you need when asked about just “user ID”. You can find your username in the URL when you are at your profile page, or go to your profile -> bio tab -> edit profile & privacy and find it at the first row.

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