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Steps to configure HR Renewal Landing Page

There are many like me who must have struggled enabling the HR Renewal Landing page functionality for the first time. Today, I decided to list down the steps for configuring the HR Renewal Landing Page which makes life easy for guys like me.

Quick Introduction from SAP help –

Using UI5 technology, this landing page is a web-based UI for HR professionals offering a single point of access to employee and organizational master data.

Features –

  • Rich client application using standard JavaScript technologies
  • Distinct separation of feed-like informational sources and transactional UIs
  • Use of OData channels (SAP Gateway) enables the bundling of several information sources
  • Extensible for customers
  • Role-based state-of-the-art UI
  • Intuitive UI that users can personalize to meet their requirements
  • Homogenous UIs for employee and master data
  • Single point of access to employee and organizational data
  • Universal search for employee and organizational data
  • SAP delivers the following lanes Actions, Analytics, Organizations, Tasks by Drafts, Tasks by Priority, Tasks by Time, Search and an integrated collaboration platform, Discussions
  • Easy overview of tasks on the initial page, including draft tasks

Steps –

1. As a first step, install the HR Renewal components. Please refer SAP Note#1701634 for the release information. Kindly make sure that you install the   

   Gateway related components like IW_FND, IW_PGW, IW_SCS, GW_CORE, UI2_700/UI2_701/UI2_702/UI2_731, UI2_FND, UI2_SRVC, UISAPUI5 that are  

   compatible to your EA-HR Components installed.

2. Activate the below mentioned business functions –

    • HCM_PAO_CI_1 – HCM, Personnel & Organization
    • HCM_PAO_CI_2 – HCM, Personnel & Organization 2 ( for new functionality – “Processes”)
    • BC_SRV_STW_01 – Enable SAP Streamwork ABAP Integration 1 ( for Discussions functionality)
    • BC_SRV_STW_02 – Enable SAP Streamwork ABAP Integration 2 ( for Discussions functionality)
    • BC_SRV_STW_03 – Enable Social Media ABAP Integration 3 ( for Discussions functionality)

3. Activate the SAP Netweaver Gateway Services in the below SPRO node – SAP Netweaver > Gateway > OData Channel > Configuration > Connection

   Settings > Activate or Deactivate SAP Netweaver Gateway.


Click on “Activate” button to view the below confirmation screen –


4. Define SAP System Alias in the below SPRO node – SAP Netweaver > Gateway > OData Channel > Configuration > Connection Settings > SAP Netweaver

   Gateway to SAP System > Manage SAP System Aliases.


Make sure you maintain the SAP System Alias, Description, RFC Destination, System ID, Client and WS Provider System details. In our case, we have maintained these entries with SAP ECC system itself.

5. Activate and Maintain ODATA Services. OData Channel implementations retrieve the data from an SAP Business Suite system, that is, a backend system. Once a service has been defined in the backend system, the service must be registered or activated on the SAP NetWeaver Gateway system.  You may perform this activity in the below SPRO Node –

SAP Netweaver > Gateway > OData Channel > Administration > General Settings > Activate and Maintain Services.

On opening this node, you would have the list of services listed and you could activate these services as shown below  –


At times, not all needed services would be listed by default, we should add the missing services by clicking on “Add Service” button. Enter your System Alias and click on “Get Services” button as shown below –


Double click on the services that you want to add and select the package as shown below. By default SAP proposes the Technical Service Name and Technical Model Name.


Note : Please make sure the SICF services for these newly added services are active by checking them in SICF under the path – Default_host/sap/opu/odata/sap. If any of these services are still inactive, please make sure that you activate them manually in SICF transaction. Also make sure that the SICF services(like opu,HRRenewal, UI*,IWBEP,etc)  related to HR Renewal are also active.

I managed to list down the services that needs to be activated by reading the documentation of Landing Page in SPRO node –


6. Launch the Landing page application from PFCG Role – SAP_PAO_PROFESSIONAL as shown below –


To view the beautiful UI5 Application –


Effective HR Renewal FP4, the look and feel of this landing page has changed. SAP has come up with one single landing page for employees, managers and HR Administrators. The below roles are now delivered to avail this functionality –


You can launch the new landing page application using this role –



You can also launch the new landing page using this role –



This new composite role also provides the flexibility to launch this application –


Note :

1. Please make sure that you open/run this application in IE9 or above versions only.

2. If landing page throws an error, please refer SAP Note#1860742 to see if the listed objects(in SAP Note) are inconsistent in your system. If so, please follow the instructions that are mentioned in this OSS Note to resolve this issue.

Thanks for your time !

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  • Hi Raja,

    The steps is very helpful and I’ve followed them. However, when I launch the Landing page application from PFCG Role – SAP_PAO_HRPROFESSIONAL the page is blank. What could be missing here?

    Appreciate your help here.



  • Hi Raja,

    We have been setting up HR Renewal fp 4. We get up the landing page but when we click on some action on the actions lane the SAP gui opens up. Do you know what might be the problem?

    Best regards,


  • Hi Raja,

    It’s an excellent blog that you have here.  Helped me setup the HR Renewal in no time. 

    Could you please let me know if there is any way that we can have default pages for different roles like HR Professional, Employee and Manager?  When we are launching the landing page for the first time, we are getting a blank screen and then we have to use the checkboxes to use the different tiles.  Is it the case, when we go live with a new HR Renewal portal?

    Thanks for your inputs.



    • Hi Karan,

      You are welcome.

      I see your point, in fact I got to explore the same point. Our requirement is almost very similar where we don’t want user to change his Background, instead we want to display only one background(Company standard background image).

      I shall let you know once I have a resolution.


      Raja Sekhar

  • Hi Raja,         Could you please tell me what role/s should be given to end users, are there any specific roles and without giving access to any admin stuff.  Thanks Sateesh

    • Sateesh,

      SAP has come up with new security roles like –




      Let me know if you still face anymore issues.


      Raja Sekhar

  • Hello Raja,

    I have followed all the steps and have activated successfully the role for the HR Professional. However, the roles for MSS and ESS are not working. Their landing pages are blank and nothing is displayed in the lanes.

    I have assigned the 2 roles “SAP_EMPLOYEE_ESS_UI5_1” and  “SAP_MANAGER_MSS_CR_UI5_1”.

    I have checked the SLG1 for errors and there was 1 error that said:

    “Customizing not maintained for MSS_TMV_EE_DIR

    Message no. HROVIS_HIER_BUILDER008″

    We are currently using the following components:

    ER_HR        607 SP19

    NW             731 SP9

    IW_BEP      200 SP6

    GW_CORE  200 SP6

    IW_PGW     100 SP3

    UI2_731       100 SP4

    Could you please help me solve this issue.

    Best Regards,


    • Hi Rana,

      I would try to check for errors in /IWBEP/ERROR_LOG transaction.

      If you still don’t get clue, can you please let me know what application are you trying to use for ESS and MSS ?


      Raja Sekhar

      • Hello Raja,

        Thank you for your reply.

        I have checked /IWBEP/ERROR_LOG transaction, however I did not find any errors. But when I check slg1, I find this error:

        Database lock for Service ” could not be set.

        Message no. /IWFND/MED180

        I am not trying to access any application, the problem is that the landing page for both ESS and MSS is empty.

        This is a screenshot of how the page appears.


        Best Regards,


        • Rana,

          I am not sure about this error. But based on your error message, if I were you, I shall try to debug based on the clues identified in /IWBEP/ERROR_LOG. You should definitely get a clue.


          Raja Sekhar

        • Rana,

          Also wanted to check with you if you have activated the related switches for ESS and MSS Landing page functionality ?


          Raja Sekhar

  • Hi Raja, and all other experts.
    I have problem with the Toggle Settings button on the landing page. Suddenly it became inactive.
    Have any other experienced this problem?
    KR Michael

    • Well Micheal,

      I did experience a variety of such issues, I usually, close my IE and reopen the landing page in a new IE Window. At times, I even have to clear the cache to resolve my issues.

      Try it out and let me know.


      Raja Sekhar

  • Hi Raja,

    We are facing issue in UI5 landing page for ESS role: SAP_EMPLOYEE_ESS_UI5_1

    When click on Self services -> My Info -> Leave Request , we are getting

    error : “Error in customizing. Contact system administrator.”

    Pls suggest.



      • Dear Raja,

        We have just implemented HR RenewaL 1.0 fP3 and we are able to open our landing page but not able to find ROLES



        We are currently using the following components:

        EA-HR     607     11

        NW         731      05

        IW_BEP     200       06

        GW_CORE  200      05

        IW_PGW    100        01

        UI2_731       100         02

        Thanks & Regards


        • Chander,

          Do you see anything fishy in this transaction – /IWFND/ERROR_LOG ?

          Or did you make sure you have activated all related services in SICF ?

          Kindly confirm.


          Raja Sekhar

          • Dear Raja Shekahr,

            We have activated all service as mentioned in Administrator Guide “HR Renewal 1.0 Feature Pack 3 (Support Package 10 – 13)”.

            We have checked Net Weaver Gateway logs please find the screen shot

            as we have not configured process lane we are getting error for that in gateway log.




          • Not sure what your issue is, but I would suggest working with one of your programmers to see what’s wrong with the landing page. He may get clues(on where he should create the break-points) by clicking on “Call Stack” button(on your first screenshot).

            I somehow feel that this is something to do with the Services(Step#5 in the above blog). Can  you please recheck once again the above mentioned steps ?

            Also, request you to kindly read the final “Notes” that was recently updated based on my experience.


            Raja Sekhar

  • Dear Raja Sekhar,

    As I mentioned above that we were already having role HRAS : SAP_PAO_HRPROFESSIONAL_X(based on your HR Renewal version), SAP_PAO_SR_HRLANE_PROCESSES in Feature pack 3 but not able to find ESS and MSS roles.

    So to get below ESS and MSS role We applied feature pack 4.



    Now we are able to open self service landing page ,but page is giving below errors./wp-content/uploads/2014/03/pic_401196.png

    Thanks in Advance


  • Hi Raja,

    First of all thank you for documenting this! It did helped me a lot in activating HR Renewal.. I have NWBC 4.0 SP 12 installed on the system and when i try to launch the Landing page.. it gives me following error…

    HR landing page error.JPG
    Any ideas would be of great help!



  • Hi Reja,

    many thanks for this blog, it’s helping me to setup HR Renewal landing page.

    According with this blog in order to consume landing page using all feature is kindly suggested to run the application in IE9 or above versions.

    what about Firefox and Chrome? which are the versions required?



  • Hi Raja,

    I need your help , while accessing to MSS page , I am getting the blank page of Suit page builder , first of all I am trying to get the landing page on sandbox , so that I can do the same in Dev.

    I have gone through your doc , and does all the config, please help !


  • Hi Raja,

    Many thanks for sharing so much helpful document.

    I have one question. Can we access this ESS MSS landing page through mobile since this is based on UI5 and I am hoping this should work flawlessly on Mobile also. Do you have any experience on this.

    Note: I know about the Fiori solution for this in market but i want to understand if this works without Fiori also?

    Thanks & Regards

    Sahil Kohli

    • Hi!

      You can’t access ESS MSS landing page through mobile since it’s running through application (ARSRVC_SUITE_PB) which doesn’t work correctly on mobile.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for sharing ! I was looking for this information since long.

    Appreciate your efforts!

    Thanks once again.


    Ketul Patel

  • Hi Raja,

    Very well done. excellent post on this.

    but i have few other questions, is it possible can i contact you off line through gmail?



      • Thanks Konstantin, the info you provided is very helpful.

        But my concern is even if I maintain the value of property Launch in New Window as Display in Portal Content Area, the ESS/MSS tabs are opening in new tab.what is causing this behavior.

  • Hi Raja,

    First, thanks a lot for your articles.

    Second, let me ask a question.

    Did you know why we should use $TMP package while activating OData services? Because if I’ve not found any information about this exept this. But any other doc about activating odata-services (not for ess/mss sapui5, but other) doesn’t require that.

    • Hi Konstantin,

      You can change the package. instead using $TMP To the one who better works for you. I created a Z Package as usual and as work fine.

      • Hi José!

        Thanks, but it doesn’t work correctly for in my system: for some services the sicf-services are not created, some of them wasn’t binded to system alias.

  • Hi All,

    I am able to See salary slips via Employee self service page (Images below). What I want is to see ONLY “Salary Statement” in the tile and nothing else. How Can I achieve that? Any clue/ides/help is appreciated.

    I do not want to show extra tabs like “Leave Request”,”Employee Profile”, “Organization Chart” etc under My Info tile.


  • Hello Raja,

    This is nice document, it helps lot of people like me. Do you have a similar document which explains how HR Renewal is configured with External Gateway Hub and Web dispatcher. We have a Gateway Hub and for some reason it is not working. Getting errors, Any direction or guideline??

    Thanks a lot for your help.


    • Andi,

      Unfortunately, I might not be of major help here. I am actually a “Technical and Functional Consultant” but not a Netweaver consultant(BASIS guy) 🙁

      This blog was written with the help of a good architect who volunteered to provide answers for my questions(which in turn was consolidated as this blog).

      Sorry !

      Raja Sekhar

  • Dear Raja Sekhar,

    I am working on HR Renewal, but how to config no. 4 step : Manage SAP System Aliases

    Can you provide more details for the same and it will work.  If provide me config document in details.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Santosh Shivane

    • Santhosh,

      This information was provided to us by BASIS folks ! Can you kindly touch base with your BASIS Team and show them this node, they would be able to help you.


      Raja Sekhar

  • Hello Raja,

    This is a very useful blog. I have a question.

    Suppose if we do these settings/configurations mentioned in steps 2 through 6 (Activation of oData Services etc.,) in development system, will these be stored as a local object ($tmp) or it can be stored as a transportable objects which then can be transported into Quality system etc.,

    Please clarify.



    • Urmi,

      You could save the Service Activation changes under a TR/Local objects are per your wish. You have both the options.


      Raja Sekhar

  • Hi Raja,

    I followed above your steps to configure landing page in my project, when I execute the role “HCM Landing Page(page=PAO_HRPROFESSIONAL)” getting below error message.

    I am implementing HR Renewal 1.0 Feature Pack 4.

    I saw above so many faced same issue but no one mentioned the resolved steps.

    Any suggestions how to resolve this issue?


    • Hi Jai Shankar ,

      This errrr is due to authorization issue , please  assign the role of HR Professional in ECC and as well as in Portal ,


      This role has to be in assigned  both PFCG assigned to user list

      In the portal also same role has to be assigned to the user .

      assignment resolves your issue


      • Hi Deepak/Raja,

        Thanks for your reply.

        Now I can see my landing page after I installed SP levels, IW_FND 250 006 to 0008, IW_BEP 200 0006 to 0008, GW_CORE 200 0006 to 0008.



  • Thanks for sharing. We have followed the steps in your usefull blog, with only difference that we are using a remote gateway hub instead of the local gateway. Trust and SSO have been setup between backend and remote gateway system.

    That means that we have activated business functions in the back-end system, activated OData services on remote gateway system, activated sicf services for Suite Page Builder on gateway system, configured ICF nodes on back-end system and maintained gateway OData services for lanes and SAPUI applications in Gateway system.

    We have created a role in gateway system that is getting the menu of the role SAP_PAO_HRPROFESSIONAL_4 in backend system.

    Unfortunately when testing the landing page, the CHIPS (or lanes) are returned blank. We have also tried testing this witha a http trace and the test stops with this error:

    /sap/bc/ui5_ui5/sap/hrpao_search_c/search_chip.xml 404 not found

  • Hello Raja,

    Quick question, what would be the URL for the end user?. I know the single roles in PFCG you can execute to test employee, manager and HR users. How the login page works for end user, do you need to develop something for login page or used SAP login window and what main URL it points to when you login?.  Are you using NWBC to deploy the app or Portal to deploy the app or direct URL?? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Regards, Andi.

  • Raja, It’s Superb.

    Landed in HR Renewal 2.0 Landing page hassles free at One-GO.

    Landing Page.JPG

    But not able to get Leave request/Payslip/Learning all those tiles ?

    Also need to know if we give below roles via EP Portal will it work ?Roles Renewal 2.0.png

    Self service page below error :No catalogs assigned ..

    Self Service Page error.JPG



  • Hi Guys,

    I know this is an old blog but i am a bit stuck hence asking. The configuration above is for SAPUI5 only, do you have a similar blog for WDA on HR Renewal FP4?

    Thank you

  • Dear Raja

    I cant start any roadmap processes(hrasr_dt) from landing page for inactive employee , i got the message employee does not exist ,

    even its work fine from ‘hrasr_test_process’ for the same emplyee

    please advise me how can i let any roadmap process start for inactive employee in landing page



  • Hi Raja,

    Good day to you. I’m new in HR Renewal and having an error message when execute the “Task by Drafts” . Please refer to the below screenshot:

    1. Open the Task by Drafts:


    2. When open the item ‘1’ task with ‘Hiring Step’ title/description, no problem. But when open item ‘2’ task with “organisation re-assignment’ , error message appear.


    3. This is an error message.


    4. Check in ST22


    5. So I’ve debugged the program, It skip at line 24 ( never read the CALL TRANSFORMATION)


    6. And terminate at line 67.


    May I know do you facing this problem before? Any idea what setting I can do? Appreciate your help to advise.

    Hope to hear you soon.


  • Hi Raja,

    After compared the old task vs the new task , i noticed this issue might due to the old task data. So may i know do you have any idea how to delete the old tasks in ‘Tasks by Drafts’ (since we can’t open and delete the task). Any Tcode can direct delete?

    Appreciate who have experience to advise as well.