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SMP – Create another SCC administrator in your Dev/Test System

Recently I have been faced with the same question a few times – how do I create another SCC administration account on my SAP Mobility Platform instance (or Sybase Unwired Platform). In versions of SMP previous to 2.2 it was always possible to login to the SCC using the same account multiple times and for the majority of people this worked fine however in newer versions you can only have one session open per user.

A few notes before continuing

  1. Now before I get into this, a word of warning – I am sharing this as a good way to setup a development, sandpit or at a stretch a test environment. I strongly suggest configuring a production instance correctly as per the SMP documentation for maximum security. Pre-configured logins should NOT be used in a productive environment!
  2. When it comes to versions and naming I am going to use the newer naming scheme but a rough translation is as follows:
    • SMP = SAP Mobility Platform = Sybase Unwired Platform
    • SCC = SAP Control Center = Sybase Control Center

Adding a new Admin user to the SCC

  • Login to the SAP Control Center (SCC) using the currently configured SCC admin account (usually supAdmin)
  • Expand the “Security” node and select the “admin” security configuration – this is the configuration used to control access to the SCC.
  • Select the “Authentication” tab and you should see at least one entry in there already of the type “PreConfiguredLoginModule” and in the properties it should say “User name = supAdmin” or whatever your administrator username is.
  • Select the “New” option to start the creation process
  • At the top of the resulting popup select “PreConfiguredUserLoginModule” as the authentication provider
  • Leave all values as per the default except the “User Name” and “Password” which you should fill in as per your requirements (password must be at least 8 characters).


  • Next select OK to complete the addition (you may be told here that a duplicate authentication provider already exists – this is OK as you now have more than 1 pre-configured login module)
  • At this stage you have modified the security configuration but not saved it
  • Go back to the “General” tab of the security configuration
  • Tap “Validate” to ensure you have edited the configuration correctly


  • When you are happy tap “Apply”
  • And thats it – you should be able to log out and then log back in using your new credentials.

A word of warning – modifying this admin profile incorrectly could loose you access to your SCC instance so please be careful that you do not adjust the configuration in such a way as to revoke your own access to the system.

Finally – a reminder about my first warning above – make sure you configure a production system correctly and securely!


Happy Mobilising!


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      Jitendra Kansal

      its really helpful. 🙂

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      Former Member

      thank you Brenton 🙂