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Migration and LCM BIAR Back up in BO 4.0

                        Migration and LCM BIAR Backup in BO 4.0

For Earlier business objects versions, Migration of objects (like universes, reports and program objects) from one environment (development) to another environment (Test) and BIAR back up  are done  through Import Wizard but in BO 4.0, this is handled through LCM (life cycle manager).The LCM is web based application; you can access through web browsers.

The LCM BIAR backup steps are listed out as below

Steps for creating the  job

          1.      Log on to the LCM through  URL http://systemname:8080/BOE/LCM (system name refers your BO 4.0 server name, this may be customized)

1.            step1.JPG


          2.      Create the new job for universe BIAR backup.



            3.      Enter the mandatory job formation such as Name, Save Job in (location to save the job), Source ( the server details)  and Destination  details  name Select the universes 

    BIAR backup activity    : – The destination is “output to BIARLCM File” option.

    Environment Migration    : – The Destination is migration target server location


          4.      Browse the source folder in the left side panel  and select the universe objects from the universe folder


          5.      Select the objects and click on add and close option. The desired Job is created.



          6.      Promote the job and execute it after entering the change management ID.


          Parameters for promoting the job 

    Mention the change Management ID    : – Weekly_Bair_Backup

    Password encryption                          : –  Not applied here (Password pop up will be shown be when we restore the LCMBIAR file).


      7.      Save the BIAR file into the local folder.



          8.    We can also automate the  BAIR backup activity

9.            Schedule Job: – We can schedule the job based on our requirement. (we schedule the backup job  on every Friday week


      LCMBIAR location:- we have two option

         1.      File system

         2.      FTP Location.


We are planning to FTP the LCMBIAR to  shared path \\system\shared\


        10.  While Restoring the backup, we need to create the new job as mentioned above. source is our BIAR file and destination is our BO environment


             Import the LCMBIAR file


                   Mention the file location


                  Specify the destination and job save in details into the job and execute (please refer the above steps for execution process)


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