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Is Eclipse SLOWING You Down?

Hi All,

Just goto Windows-> Preferences and check the ‘Show Heap Status’ .


And press The Garbage Collector Button. Here’s the before and after results.

Voila! ! !

Thanks Nick.

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  • I am pretty sure there are many more things that can slow Eclipse down, like number of open projects, background processes, and bad Eclipse performance that should be resolved with Kepler.

    So, does running GC really help?

    • Hi Tobias,

      Of course there are variables that can slow down or Eclipse IDE. Mainly the number of projects open, the local server, etc etc. I just find it useful having this Heap parameter and showing us memory usage. My computer has only 4gig. and I can see it being sluggish when having many app open.

      What is Kepler? I never heard of this before.

      Cheers Nick.

      • Eclipse Kepler:

        Eclipse Release 4.3.

        You can try to increase the heap of your Eclipse JVM, giving Eclipse more space and decreasing the need of GC. As many programs, Java tries to make efficient use of the available RAM. Allocated but not used RAM is something Java tries to fill with content. After running a GC, how much time does it take for Eclipse to fill it up again?