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Assign report category to HR ABAP Report

Assign Report category to Report


Assign report category to a report.

We use logical database in HR Report Programming, in which you will be provided with readymade selection screen which will be having many fields on selection screen.

If you need only certain fields only and want to hide unwanted fields, then you can achieve it by using report category.


  Step1. When you use logical database in your program, the default selection screen will be provided to you which will look like below screenshot (Here LDB is PNP).


Step2. From above screen we need only Payroll area & payroll period and other fields to be hidden. This can be achieved by assigning report category to the report.

Step3. To assign report category to the report, go to transaction SE38 and open the report to which you want to assign the report

Step4. Select Goto -> Attributes.


Step5. Now if you have entered the logical database name in the attribute provided for logical database then, you will be able to see following screen. Click HR Report Category Button.


Step6. Now you will be able to see following screen. Select Master Data radio Button and enter relevant report category name from the F4 input help and click OK.


Step7. Click Save on next screen.


  Step8. The report category will be assigned to corresponding report. Now when you run the same
report then you will see the changed selection screen.


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