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Update CR content and cim model on SLD

Sap note 669669

Check CR version

Go to SLD

http://solmanhost<SN>00 and choose Administration


Select “Details”


Go to Data


Note down the SAP CR version (here 7.5) to then download the related patches.

Download lastest versions according to sap note 669669

Download both CIMSAP and CRData files


Go back to SLD

Choose Administration => Import


Always Import old versions version. Here we will import version SP6 then SP7.

Also Import CIM file first then CRData (as described in sap note 669669)


Choose continue Import


Check message


To back to Import


Repeat step for the CRData file




Wait until import finishes


Import is done


You can check the new version as described earlier.


Repeat theses steps until you have imported the last CR SP version.

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