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SAP BW 7.3 Upgrade Issues and Solutions

This blog post is way overdue, apologies for that.
We started our BW 7.3 upgrade in September 2012 and went live in January 2013. The
actual effort was just under three months utilising one full time and one part time consultant.
We upgraded from BW 7.01 SP 06 to BW 7.30 SP 07.
The following table contains all issues experienced during the upgrade, root causes and solutions.
Issue Details / Root Cause Change / Solution
0FISCPER text display as July 2012 as opposed to July 2011 Entries for table RSADMINS changed with the upgrade. This table controls the text values displayed for the time dimension and implemented read class.
Update entries in table RSADMINS.
Program ZBW_RSADMINS_UPDATE was custom built for this change.
Text variables do not display the text (label) for 0CALDAY
Refer to SAP Article 1693785.
In BW 7.30 the infoobject 0DATE and other time characteristics do not have a text table maintained in RSD1. Therefore, if you try to use a variable with
replacement path “replaced by label”, you will see that the texts are
not replaced. However, in the lower system 7.00 and 7.01, for 0DATE internally
set text flags are set and hence you can see text are being replaced. This
behaviour has been changed in 7.30.
  • RSA1->InfoObjects->Search
    for 0CALMONTH->Change->In the ‘Master Data/texts’ tab, check ‘With
    texts’->Activate->Continue and accept all warnings.
  • Perform
    above steps for each of the following time chars:
    • 0CALMONTH2
FM BAPI_ISREQUEST_GETSTATUS returns different results. This function module is returning a blank TECHSTATUS.
  • Amend
    the handling of the field TECHSTATUS as returned from the FM i.e.
  • Replace
    the following code:
WHEN ‘Y’. ” Y = Yellow (request still processing)
With this new code:
WHEN ‘Y’ OR . ” Y = Yellow (request still processing)
Activate the new version of the program
FM RSKC_CHAVL_OF_IOBJ_CHECK returns different results.
changed with the upgrade.
Before the upgrade, the above FM return RC=00 when there is no InfoObject template in a DSS. After the upgrade the FM returns RC=04. 
Removed the call to the RSKC_CHAVL_OF_IOBJ_CHECK completely. Replace the FM with corrected code to
perform valid character checks.
Aggregate roll-up step failed
Roll up steps where aggregates were deactivated, and the process chain role-up variant did not have flag “”End process successfully if no aggregate exists”
set – failed after the upgrade.
The behaviour in BW 7.3 seems to be different for aggregates that have been
deactivated i.e.
BW 7.1, – if the flag was not set in the roll up,
and the aggregate was deactivated, the chain would be successful
BW 7.3, – if the flag was not set in the roll up, and the aggregate was deactivated,
the chain fails
Adjust the variants in the following base chains – by checking the flag: “End process successfully if no aggregate
Key figure in Bex Queries returns zeroes.
Caused by a program error.
The key figure is derived from a calculated key figure which uses the
NODIM function.
Implement SAP Note: 1696274: A calculated key figure outputs the value 0.
KFs display “0 ERR” or “*” inconsistently
Caused by a program error.
Implement notes:
1708084 – Mistaken ‘0 ERROR’ cells for keyfigure with
1698057 – * for currency-dependent and unit-dependent key figures
ABAP Programming Error

Caused by a program error.

1722725 – Input-ready query terminates with BIT_OFFSET_NOT_POSITIVE
KFs return blank values Caused by a program error. Implement Note 1736862
Text variable returns technical name as opposed to characteristic value
Refer to SAP Article 1693785.
In BW 7.30 the infoobject 0DATE and other time characteristics do not have a text table maintained in RSD1. Therefore, if you try to use a variable with replacement path “replaced by label”, you will see that the texts are not replaced. However, in the lower system 7.00 and 7.01, for 0DATE internally set
text flags are set and hence you can see text are being replaced. This
behaviour has been changed in 7.30.
Apply the following change to the problematic variables:
Change replacement path from “Label” to “Characteristic Value”
Queries on MultiProviders without 0CALDAY, where the underlying Cube(s) are non-*** cubes and contain 0CALDAY, generate errors The participating InfoProvider  is a stock InfoCube, meaning that it contains
at least one stock key figure. There must therefore be a time characteristic
Calendar day[0CALDAY] (NCUMTIM) in the MultiProvider and Calendar day[0CALDAY] can only be assigned to itself. For InfoProvider JSD_B_012, Calendar day[0CALDAY] may not be assigned to the characteristic ”.
Change the multi provider by including 0CALDAY into
the time dimension
Detail analysis using t/c ST03 fails Program error Apply manual steps as per note: 1608989
APD filter from a non-cumulative cube fails
Program error
“The argument ’00″‘ cannot be interpreted as a number”
“An exception with the type CX_SY_CONVERSION_NO_NUMBER occurred”
Implement SAP Note 1674845
When reading from a non-cumulative InfoProvider using the function RSDRI_INFOPROV_READ, a
termination occurs in the method CL_RSDRS_ORACLE_SQL_STMT->BUILD_FORMULA.
Other terms
RSDRI_INFOPROV_READ NCUM, non-cumulative InfoCube, non-cumulative IC,
Queries with exception aggregation after variable replacement You are trying to replace a variable from a hierarchy attribute or the text of characteristic [0FISCPER]Fiscal year/period or from characteristic [0FISCPER]Fiscal year/period. This replacement should be made after aggregation by [0FISCPER]Fiscal year/period (see Note 1385580). The variable is used in a context though that forces replacement before aggregation by [0FISCPER]Fiscal year/period. An exception aggregation for [0FISCPER]Fiscal year/period is specified for example on formula Working Days FY2007 or a higher-level formula, or a second variable is used there which also shold be
replaced from characteristic [0FISCPER]Fiscal year/period but before

System Response
The system cannot resolve this conflict. The query cannot be generated.

Change the definition of the variable or query by breaking up formula Working
Days FY2007 into corresponding subformulas.

For example: F = B * ( Va -Vb) to F = Fa – Fb or G = B* Va * Vb to G = Va * Gb
Fa = B * Va is calculated after aggregation here, while Fb = B * Vb or Gb = B *
Vb is calculated before aggregation.

Change the exception aggregation from “Summation” to “Use Standard Aggregation”
ABAP dump when trying to run an SQL query in t/code ST04
Program error
Application Component  BC-CCM-MON-ORA
Implement SAP Note 1709951
This SAP Note is valid for the DBA Cockpit on Oracle.
A dump occurs when you execute any SQL statement using the SQL Command Editor
Other terms
Z* Programs deleted after upgrade
Programs were assigned to $tmp and not on a transport package.
Programs can be identified by listing all programs on
table TRDIR which are not on table TADIR i.e. If a program is of type “PROG”
(excluding classes and function modules) and it is in table TRDIR and not in
table TADIR – it might be deleted after performing the upgrade.
Prior to the upgrade, add the
programs to a package, set the required program attributes i.e. Executable, Customer Production Program and Business Intelligence Program.
Warning message when executing InfoPackage File ending  does not match the current adapter CSVFLCONV;
Ending CSV expected
Implement SAP note: 1687349
The function module call to RSNDI_SHIE_STRUCTURE_GET3 fails
The issue has 2 root causes. RCA 1 below is the primary issue – it was a “bug” to being with. RCA 2 is only highlighting the bug.
RCA 1 – The object was ’typed’ incorrectly in a custom BW Z-program . It should have been of type RSNDI_S_HIEDIR2 and not RSNDI_S_HIEDIR – to align with the FM interface.
RCA 2 –  SAP changed the structure of RSNDI_S_HIEDIR2 and RSNDI_S_HIEDIR
If programs use the FM and variable definitions are typed with RSNDI_S_HIEDIR as opposed to RSNDI_S_HIEDIR2, change all calling programs to use the latter i.e. RSNDI_S_HIEDIR2
Calculate result as….”Summation” on CKF does not return a summated result.
  Standard functionality as per note 1151957.
  It only occurs if a hierarchy info object is in the rows i.e. 0PLANT. If the hierarchy is turned off, the error is resolved – however, this does not satisfy the user requirements
Changing the aggregation at CKF level to “Before Aggregation” resolves the problem.
  Apply the following change: Open the query, drill to CKFs and uncheck “Calculation After Aggregation”
Generating reporting authorizations do not work Program error caused by OSS note: 1634458 Implement OSS note 1714370
Error when activating data in DSO.
Program error. Activation of a DSO fails
  Implement OSS note 1807028
Note: RSRV->All Elementary tests->”PSA Tests” will report the error and also “repair” the error. However, when the Activation is performed again, the error will re-appear. RSRV is therefore not a solution for the error.
  Metadata repository service not active
RSA1, Select Metadata Repository, The following error is displayed:
/WEBDYNPRO/SAP/RSO_METADATA_REPOSITORY call was terminated because the
corresponding service is not available.
Error “Service cannot be reached”
  • T/C SICF
  • For Service Name, enter “RSO_METADATA_REPOSITORY”
  • F8 Select
    the service (child node in the displayed hierarchy)
  • Select Service/Host from the main menu
  • Select Activate
  • Click Yes when
    prompted to confirm
Data loaded is not visible for reporting in
Corrected/changed functionality in one of the Support Packs included in BW 7.3 SP 07.
As per SAP’s response to a customer message, raised for this issue: “This is the intended behaviour for 730 system”
  • Change the “Set Quality Status to OK” flag for each InfoCube where this issue will occur. Identify the list of cubes as follows:
    • T/C
    • Table
      name: RSDCUBE
    • Filters:
      OBJVERS = ‘A’, CUBETYPE=’B’, AUTOQUALOKFL=initial values.
  • For every cube in the list ,do the following.
    • T/C RSA1 and select “InfoProvider”
    • Search for the cube and Select “Manage”
    • From the Main Menu, Select “Environment” and “Automatic Request Processing”
    • Check “Set Quality Status to OK (Confirm Quality of Data)” and select “Save”
    • When prompted to Write a transport request, select “No”
Once all the changes were applied, generate the SE 16 list again and ensure no cubes are returned.
BEx Exit variable project components deleted
T/C CMOD, the custom  “Component” does not exist after the upgrade. Error “no component exists” is displayed.
The custom abap code is not lost however.
  • T/C: MOD. Provide the componennt name  and
    select Deactivate on the toolbar
  • Check Enhancements and select change
  • Select the current enhancements and select Delete Row on the toolbar and select Save
  • Add the enhancement (RSR00001) and select Components
  • When prompted, select Save.
  • In the list of Components, select Activate
**Note. ENhancement
RSR00003 is not required – only enhancement RSR00001 and the related component
need to be created.
Inactive local chains cause process chains to fail
RCA unknown.
  • Local chains embedded in other chains fail if the local chain is inactive.
  • Only a very small percentage of chains are “inactive” after the upgrade.
The chains that are inactive are not consistent between clients i.e. not the same chains in development and QA.
  • Identify process chains to be re-activated. Re-activate the chain in each environment (the re-activated chains are therefore not transported)
  • Identify the chains as follows: T/C: SE16->RSPCCHAINATTR
  • OBJVERS = ‘A’
  • ACTIVFL != ‘X’
No authorization to maintain routines (Start
routines and transformation routines)
Changed after the upgrade
The following is required for Auth. S_DEVELOP:
Activity: 02  
Object name: GP123
Object type: PROG
Authorization group:
Locks on temporary table RSDD_TMPNM_ADM not deleted Caused by a program error. Implement note: 1669796 – RSDD_TMPNM_ADM:Lock conflict that cannot be removed in BW7.3
BW Stats loads fail with error ‘Characteristic value
‘20120321143760’ of characteristic 0TCTTIMSTMP is not TIMES-converted’
Caused by a change in the BW 7.3
  • Apply manual changes to the update rules as per Note: 1713932
    • Goto RSA1. Navigate to infoprovider 0TCT_C22 and double click on the transfer rules
      for datasource 0TCT_DS22
    • Change to edit mode
    • Choose the field 0TCTTIMSTMP in the transfer rules and click on assignment button and
      select the radio button ‘Routine’ and click on ‘Create’ button.
    • Enter the transfer routine name as ‘Long timestamp -> short timestamp’.
    • Select the field ‘0TCTSTRTTST’ and enter.
    • Under FORM COMPUTE_TCTTIMSTMP, Please mention the below sentence RESULT = TRUNC(
    • Save the routine.
Do this for each BW Stats update rule activated in the system that fails after the upgrade.
Auth. error when running a WebI report “No RFC
authorization for function module “BAPI_IOBJ_GETDETAIL”
Caused by a change in the BW 7.3
Add the following RFC authorizations to user/developer security roles:
  • execute access (Activity 16) for RFC = RSBAPI_IOBJ (Type = FUGR)
  • execute access (Activity 16) for RFC = BAPI_IOBJ_GETDETAIL (type FUNC)
  • execute access (Activity 16) for RFC = BDL5 (Type = FUGR)
  • execute access (Activity 16) for RFC = BDL_GET_CENTRAL_TIMESTAMP (Type FUNC)
  • execute access (Activity 16) for RFC = RSBAPI_IOBJ (Type = FUGR)
  • execute access
    (Activity 16) for RFC = BAPI_IOBJ_GETDETAIL (Type = FUGR)
0GLACCEXT hierarchy data load fails
with the following error:
‘00000610098 A’ of characteristic 0GLACCEXT is not ACCEX-converted
Caused by a change in the BW 7.3
  • Change the transfer  rule from iDoc to PSA
  • Delete the modified version of the Hierarchy
  • Reload the data
The roll-up for InfoCube has terminated. Caused by a program error in Note 1663614 – P29:BATCH:RSBATCH_CHECK_PROCESS:Yellow too long; Hold Procs which is part of BW
7.3 SP 07.
Problem solution – implement SAP Note: 1708027 –
P29:BATCH:Rolling up aggregates terminates with RSDD353.
Error during assignment of Request
ODSR_4SY8GZ4IU9G1DU6672D4RC2TU to Partition
The value of field ‘PARTNO’ in PSA definition table ‘RSTSODS’ for PSA/Changelog table does not match with the value of the
highest partition of the corresponding PSA/Changelog table.

Implement SAP Note 1762200

Execute RS_PSA_PART_HIGH_VALUE_CHECK in repair mode

When performing an F4 (lookup) on Plant in BEx Analyser, the following error is displayed:

  • Could not generate the data object; the type does not exist
  • An exception with the type CX_SY_CREATE_DATA_ERROR
  • Brain 670

Program error in class SAPMSSY1 method :

Program error Implement OSS Note: 1679791

Metadata repository graphical display not available

Program error


  • Complete solution is outstanding.
  • Implement OSS note: 1706675???

This note was implemented but did not resolve the issues, and also produce new errors. Need a more extensive analysis, correction and test.

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