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Mobideo: Increasing Safety by Eliminating Complacency

I recently had the opportunity to listen to Yaron Eppel, CEO at Mobideo, a leader in the development of enterprise mobile application software solutions. Named by Gartner as a 2013 “Cool Vendor,” Mobideo focuses on providing real-time situational awareness of critical operations with a technology that harnesses the elements of enterprise mobility, system integration, business process management and enterprise content management. When it comes to helping customers, Mobideo is focused on four key objectives: /wp-content/uploads/2013/07/mobid_fin_1_244516.png

  1. Increase mobile access to info
  2. Ensure compliance with protocols
  3. Increase visibility into activity status
  4. Build collaboration through information

Mobideo serves heavily regulated industries like aerospace & defense, chemicals and oil & gas where the risk of error is high and the costs can be devastating. 

Gone are the days of mechanics flipping through paper checklists of technical data on the flight line as they maintain and repair aircraft. Repetition in these areas often leads to complacency and seemingly miniscule, but crucial, steps can be overlooked or ignored. According to, up to 34% of
all plane crashes since 2000 occurred from some type of mechanical error. That’s 16 crashes resulting in at least 100 casualties each – over 1,600 lives lost – that could have potentially been avoided.

Mobideo’s goal is to save lives before they are put in harm’s way. Through its recent partnership with SAP and using the SAP HANA One service, Mobideo can leverage real-time reporting to provide managers with the insight needed to ensure employees are conducting maintenance safely and correctly.

Now maintenance that was previously governed through/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/mobid_fin_2_244592.png
paper-based processes with little accountability has been digitized, providing real-time technical data that is dynamic, user friendly, and easily accessible to upper management teams.

So how does this improve on-the-job processes? Now mechanics are equipped with mobile tablets that deliver updated tasks on a step-by-step basis, requiring the user to interact with the software to ensure steps aren’t missed and personnel, along with equipment, aren’t put in danger. For example, if a certain step requires the user to enter a measurement for tension and that entry is out of the normal range, the information will be captured in real-time by the SAP HANA platform. Advanced analytics will alert the user, notify the
manager, and allow for customizable comments on the situation to promote best practice sharing and dynamic retasking to assess the situation and prevent mishaps.

And what about high-level strategy and planning? Just as valuable as the mobile side on the flight line is the portal side in the office. With real-time visibility, managers can compare current and past performance and predict delays and bottlenecks by drilling down into tasks to find underlying issues that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.



With SAP HANA One in the cloud, Mobideo customers don’t need to worry about costly installations and instead can receive immediate applications with no hassle. From the flight-line employee to the mom sitting in coach with her family, Mobideo provides all parties involved with peace of mind, knowing the plane was prepped meticulously to ensure it lands safely.

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