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Individually select-able cells with side-by-side scorecards

Scorecard, List View, etc. components allow to user to select a row at a time. The user can select any row, and the value in the row can be used to drive the further logic.

But what if the users wish to select only a particular column value from a row? What if the users expect some peculiar action to take place by clicking different cells in the same row? There is no standard component to provide this functionality to the users.

For example, in the screenshot below, the users wish to have each and every cell individually clickable. They don’t wish to select entire row at once, but want to select only “caps” from “Plant 1” or “shirts” from “plant 3” and so on… By clicking on these individual cells, they wish to open the corresponding report or have the charts show the corresponding data. The users wish to click on the “21” and the action corresponding to “Shirts” and “plant 2” should take place.

grid-select 1.png

The picture you see above is not one scorecard but a collection of 7 scorecard components placed side-by-side. Each column is a different scorecard. These scorecards are perfectly aligned with each other and the font sizes are maintained same for all of them. (All the properties for each of the scorecard component are uniformly maintained.)

Each scorecard has its own separate destination. The values in these separate cells can be used to drive the further logic.

The users are able to click on individual cells – “caps” from “Plant 1” or “shirts” from “plant 3” and so on.

All the advantages of the scorecard component can be used exhaustively while achieving the said functionality.

You may also use the click events for individual scorecards to display a pop-up that can act as a tool-tip. Scorecards with tool-tips is very much possible in Tableau and users have started expecting the same with Xcelsius. You can have a tooltip at a static location by using a label component,etc. and making it dynamically visible on click event of the scorecard.


(In my case, I used to put the plant names in these destinations and then use it as a parameter value to fire individual reports dynamically. The link for the same can be found here )

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