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Debugging using breakpoint from a functional perspective

As a part of this explanation , I have taken sales order creation into consideration and showed the process of debugging using breakpoint instead

of using watch point that we do in common.

T. Code  : VA01

In the above screen shot you can see the error that was triggered and the following screen shots take you through the process of leveraging this error message to find the root cause of this issue.

Enter ‘/h’ in command field to activate Debugging and click enter

If you Execute now using  f8  you will reach your error message point where you can find out your error.

Once you reach the point you need to check the values in kunnr,vkorg,vtweg,spart by double clicking on those fields.

It should now be evident that the issue was a missing combination of the sales area and the  customer.

Any queries or suggestions to this document are welcome.


Sambasiva Reddy Gurrala

SAP SD Functional Consultant

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  • Dear,

    I appreciate your efforts on this doc .You have explained nicely but the first 3 images are not appearing .Please have a look into that and replace the images .



  • Hi Shiva,

    Thanks a lot…i really needed it..thats y i posted in SD but they reroute in ABAP..i got my answer but from functinal guy it is easier to understand..anyway thanks again.



  • Hello Sambasiva,

    This is a useful document. Just add the couple of mising screenshots in the doucment. Thank you.


    Jignesh Mehta

  • Very nicely explained and useful for functional consultants. I am going to bookmark this and I hope you will change the screen shots which are not visible 🙂


  • Very nice one. Thank you for sharing. Debugging is always handy for functional consultants, at least to know where the issue is coming from.

    Could you please update the missing screen shots and You seem to have good experience in debugging, Could  you please continue posting Debugging tips with few more examples ? Thanks in advance

  • Hi Sambasiva  & others,

    I have tried it in the system today and I see options only until breakpoint at system exception. However I dont see the option “breakpoint at Message option”.  I tried also tried in new ABAP Debugger option, but still does not appear. I once used the option breakpoint at statement and entered message, but if the program has more messages then it stops at all the messages, similary setting watchpoing and enter sy-msgno also an option, but I found your solution by using breakpoint at messaeg option is more convinient. would be great if you or anyone who knows let me know if I have to activate any setting (I tried but didnt find any) I’m using ECC 6.0.

    Thanks in advance, br,


  • Hi

    Thank you for your effort.

    Some additional comments, if you agree. As we are talking about messages, we could read in ABAP this details.

    Usually in SAP, customizing tables begins by T*, for instance T001, related with company code

    Command select refers to reads on database tables. READ TABLE or LOOP refers to internal table. When SY-SUBRC is not equal (<> OR NE) zero means SAP don’t find.

    Sometimes it’s possible to read this kind of comments in coding

    These comments refers to notes. So it’s possible to improve the research and made the right decision.

    Other useful coding to search (no only tables, customizing or other data) is related with user parameters, so, look for around the message the command SET PARAMETER

    Sometimes I’ve found modifications when with a simple parameter in SU01 it was solved.

    Other question is how to search standard modifications (userexits, enhancements, implicit enhancements, BTE, VOFM and BADI).



  • sambasiva,

    I do not understand the purpose of debugging, when (this type of) error message is got, in the sales order E.g. Ship to party not defined for sales area ZTES, ZT, 10

    By going in to debugging mode, one is getting the exact same information that he/she gets during creation of sales order.

    There is no information, suggestion, way given to solve this “issue”.

    Ofcourse, there could be other instances when debugging mode would be beneficial.

    E.g. is customized errors where there is no proper description given.

    Eduardo Hinojosa request you to give your comment on this.

    • I suppose the purpose of debuggin this was to demonstrate the debugging, an example that is easily understood by most of SD consultants has been selected.

      If Sambasiva had choosen an example of customized message, am sure most of us would not have been able to related to this article!

      The same approach can be used to debug cutomized errors as well. BTW, if the customized messages can have the desired level of description/information similar to standard messages, then it can eliminate debugging of code for customized messages as well…

    • Hi TW

      Sometime, the developer with an error message or abendt message wants to avoid some output, but sometimes the logic of error isn`t understandable for the end user or the consultant. Of course, this is more usual in messages from non-sap developments, for instance in enhancements, badi, userexits, BTE or in VOFM (for instance, in copy rules requirements).



  • Hello,

    Sambasiva I have an error which doesnt display the message number .

    What should I do in that case ?

    Please help

  • Dear Siva vasi reddy

    Thanks a lot For your time in explanation but one thing i want to ask you You found rout cause, but my doubt is how it is possible , what you done after finding route cause

    Because , i have not understand where is the problem ?

    Thanks a lot