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ChaRM UI in 7.1 : How to customize CR/CD Screen in CRM UI to Tabular View.

This document explains the procedure on how to customize the Change Request or  Change Document UI in 7.1 and above.  This is particularly useful for the customers who are used the Tabular feel of CR or CD in the 7.0. The same ‘look&feel’ can be incorporated in the 7.1 ChaRM UI screens as well with minimal customization. The feature is know as Tile Layout in CRM UI and many of the CRM Consultants might be aware of this, however this might be a grey area for many of us, purely solman point of view.


Steps to be followed:

1.   Register the overview page in Customizing.

Before you can switch a page to tile layout, you need to prepare the screen for it. The desired page has to be registered in Customizing.

i. In the CRM WebClient UI, find the overview page you wish to change to tile layout
ii. Switch to edit mode and place the cursor in any editable field.
iii. Press F2 to open the Technical Data dialog box.
iv. Note down or copy the name of BSP application given in the UI Component field.

So below are the UI Components that we are interested in ChaRM UI Screens.

UI Component: AIC_CMCD_H (for Change Request)
UI Component: AIC_CMCR_H (for Change Documents)

2. Registering a Page in Customizing

You need to register the pages you want to view in tile layout. Register them in Customizing for Customer Relationship Management under UI Framework > UI Framework Definition > Register Overview Pages for Tile Layout.

i. On the Registration of Overview Pages for Tile Layout screen, choose New Entries.
ii. In the BSP Application column, enter or paste the name of the UI component you got
from the Web interface.
iii. Use the value help for the OVP Controller Page Key column. The result is always only
one entry.
iv. Select the result entry.
v. Save your changes. The overview page is now registered to be switched to tile layout.


3. Setting up a Tile Layout

i. In the CRM WebClient UI, go to the overview page which you have previously registered for tile layout and choose the Configure Page pushbutton. In our case it is Normal Change Screen.


ii. In the Configurations table, select the configuration you wish to switch to tile layout or create a new configuration by choosing New or copying an existing configuration.It is always adviced to copy the configuration to Z namespace.



iii. When you have chosen the appropriate configuration, choose Switch to Tile Layout.


iv .The Choose Tile Layout dialog box appears.A small visualization of the grid layout is shown below the dropdown box.


I chose the T Layout for my customization.

v. To confirm your choice, choose the Choose pushbutton.

vi. In the Tiles display area, select the tile to which you want to add assignment blocks.
vii. In the Available Assignment Blocks display area, select the assignment block you want to add to the selected tile.


viii. Repeat steps 7 and 8 for all tiles until all the assignment blocks you wish to make available are positioned in their tiles.


Normal Change UI now looks like below


Reference:  CRM UI Tile Layout Configuration Guide

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