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Frequently Asked Questions about SAP Certification

It is truly great to see so much community discussion around SAP Certification but it also helps us to identify where the information gaps are. Browsing through the discussions of the last few months we decided to create an FAQ on the program to help answer some of the most common questions. I hope you find it useful.

Please note that this blog has now (Mar, 2015) been updated to include Information around the Certification in the Cloud Program.

How has SAP improved the certification program?

SAP has significantly enhanced and expanded the program to keep pace with growing demand for relevant SAP certification. Now, you can obtain certifications at two levels of expertise – associate and professional. We’ve also made it easier to find the certification that’s right for you. You can now search for training opportunities and exams based on the SAP solution, your focus area, or your role in the organization by visiting the Training and Certification Shop.

Do current certificates retain their validity?

The requirement to become recertified is based on the validity of your current certification status, as determined by solution release level. As a rule, SAP considers certifications on the two most recent solution release levels to be current and valid, but this can vary for some solutions. You can find a list of currently valid certifications in the By Role section of the Training and Certification Shop catalog. Please note: this is changing for the Certification in the Cloud program, which addresses the Need for more up to date certified knowledge on the rapidly evolving Solutions. The Certification in the Cloud program requires you to pass Delta exams where there are significant changes in the solution in order to retain your certification. Please see   for more details.

Do certifications expire after a period of time? How do I refresh them?

Certification is an essential way to benchmark your professional achievements in a competitive, dynamic market, so it’s important to make sure your certification credentials are up-to-date.

SAP assists in this effort by:

  • Monitoring certification levels within the certification community and notifying professionals of outdated certifications
  • Publishing a list of valid certifications, which are, as a rule, the two most recent solution releases

Do certification programs have prerequisites, such as participation in a series of training courses?

While there is no course or set of courses required to take a particular certification exam, SAP provides a list of recommended training you can take to better prepare for an exam. In addition, completing an exam for a lower-level (associate) certification is not a prerequisite for taking a higher-level (professional) exam, although many professional-level certification seekers might find it helpful. For the Certification in the Cloud program it is necessary to take the Associate exam prior to taking the Delta or Specialty exams. Please see  for more details.

How do certification exams measure experience and high-level skills?

In addition to knowledge recall, certification exams rely on high-level writing and other advanced assessment methods to validate your understanding of, and ability to apply, knowledge gained. The exams are also clearly job-task aligned to better reflect actual experience.

What changes can individuals who have completed certification in the past expect?

The current strategy focuses on creating added value for you as a certified individual. SAP offers you the opportunity to join the latest certification community, providing access to a wide range of benefits. Fulfilling a desire expressed by existing consultants, the SAP Education organization also outlines clear paths for continuous learning. These include fast-track learning paths to help you advance in your current area of expertise or extend your expertise across new areas. Existing certifications retain their validity.

Is certification available for a variety of role profiles?

Yes. The current certification programs address a range of profiles. These include experienced technology consultants, application consultants, and solution architects in multitier certification tracks, as well as roles involved in all stages of a solution lifecycle.

What should I do if I do not see the certification I am looking for?

If you are in the Training and Certification Shop and can’t find the certification you’re looking for, use the Browse our catalog feature at the top of the page to search for certification. Or, you can simply display the content of the entire certification catalog by clicking the double-arrow button after the search field.

What does re-certification mean in the context of SAP’s cloud certification program?

Cloud practitioners will need to continuously update their skills with the latest release enhancements.  When the scope of change between releases warrants a delta exam, the certified community is expected to successfully complete the delta exam. So in this context, re-certification is not repeating a core exam; rather, it means remaining current with the release and completing the delta exams. SAP Education has specifically designed SAP Learning Hub to suit this very purpose – to create the least amount of inconvenience for our customers and partners by providing the possibility to learn, practice and complete a delta exam all remotely.

What will happen to the current SuccessFactors Professional Certification? Will this disappear, and if so, why? What will replace it?

Professional Certification will not disappear, but we are working with SAP’s Global Partner Organization to harmonize the SuccessFactors Professional Certification with the existing SAP Professional program, with a particular focus on retaining key elements such as documented project experience. Details on this program will be available via  by the end of March.

For further information about SAP cloud-specific Certification guidelines  please see

How can I prepare for my certification exam?

Each certification has its own set of preparation tactics. We refer to them as “Topic Areas,” and you can find them on the Web pages associated with individual exams. The pages also show the number of questions in the exam, the duration of the exam, the areas you will be tested on, the required passing score, and recommended course work and content you can reference. You can also find a selection of sample questions that can help you to better understand the type of questions to expect in the exam.

Please be aware that the professional-level certifications also require practical on-the-job experience and address real-life scenarios. For more information, refer to our five simple steps for preparing for an exam

Is there any difference between taking a certification exam at an SAP Education organization center and taking one at Pearson VUE?

No. Certification exams are the same no matter where you take them. SAP has partnered with Pearson VUE to provide our customers with the greatest possible number of exam locations. You can take certification exams at SAP Education organization centers as well as at any of the 4,000 Pearson VUE centers worldwide. The certifications for the Certification in the Cloud program will ONLY be available via this program from the end of March onwards. For more information

please see

How do I register to take an exam at a Pearson VUE test center?

You can purchase a voucher from the Training and Certification Shop and then visit the Pearson VUE Website to schedule your exam.

What methods of payment does Pearson VUE accept?

Whether registering through the call center or online, you can only use a voucher or promo code from SAP Education to pay for the exam.

Do I need to enter my SAP user ID when registering for a certification exam?

Yes. To ensure that your certification results count and are tracked, you must enter your SAP user ID in the appropriate registration field. If you do not have a user ID, please contact your local SAP Education organization to obtain one.

How can I obtain my actual certificate?

After you successfully pass your certification exam, your certificate is sent to the address you entered during registration. You can expect to get the certificate about six weeks after your exam. For the Certification in the Cloud program you can download an electronic version of the certificate.

For more information

please see

How can I obtain my certification logo?

You can cownload your logo from Credential Manager. For more Information on Credential Manager please see. Country Content Page

Please note: Use of the SAP certification logo is strictly limited to those individuals who have successfully passed the associated level of certification. Unauthorized use of an SAP certification logo is strictly forbidden.

Best regards


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  • Hi Sue,

    Very informative blog !!!

    It is a very good information at a single place for the SAP Certification Participants / intended participants.

    Kind Regards,


  • Hi Susan,

         I have a doubt regarding certification, if i have attended the certification exam and i am not satisying the score in the cerfication so , i want to retake  exam for that how much i need to pay for second time.can you provide me the details regarding this, Thanks in Advance.



  • hi susan

    is it possible to apply for certification without exam.

    i have 3 years experience & sap abAP DEVLOPMENT AND 3 end to end implementation

    is it possible to apply for certicication

  • Thanks everyone for the positive feedback!

    SAP's Certification team is always eager to improve the customer interface and to simplify the entire examination procedure. We are looking forward to your constructive criticism and feedback in the future!


      • Thanks Ravi for the swift response. Just wondering, for classroom training also SAP don't provide certificate of participation? The reason for asking is, in order to maintain my APICS CSCP certification, I need to earn the maintenance points via continuing education and for that I need atleast a proof of undergoing the training. I completed the SCM eAcademy and am unable to find a way to get some kind of certificate confirming that I indeed completed the course. On ethical grounds I can confirm that I have indeed undergone the training but just in case of a verification by APICS, I would be required to produce a certifcate.

        • Hi Bhavesh,

          I understand your issue. It is customary for institutes to providing completion certificate on a letterhead for cases like yours.

          Therefore, you need to talk to SAP before undergoing this training whether they are going to provide you any such certificate.

          Hope this helps.



          • Hi Ravi,

            Well the issue is, initially SAP representative did confirm that they will provide the certificate of completion or rather I can print it myself from training portal. After I completed the training in January this year, I couldn't find an option to print it. When approached SAP for the same, was told that SAP no longer provides the certificate for e-learning programs.

            Anyway thanks for your help.


          • Hi Ravi,

            I do have an email from SAP representative mentioning that they can print a certificate once I finished the course. Apparently the representative is away on a long leave and another person mentioned that they no longer provide the certificate. Believe they use to provide earlier but has been stopped recently.


  • Hi

    Useful blog

    One question, I am teaching at a business school which is UAP member and am also certified in SAP ERP Controlling. I am delivering trainings for around more than three years now. Is this possible that I appear in another certification exam without being registered for training (doing by self study) for example say SAP HANA?

    If so what is the procedure and where should I appear for exams?

  • Hi

    I have passed recently my SAP CRM certification in UK London, how can I get SAP logo from SAP education team, If any body have contact details please share me.



  • Hi,

    I won a SAP BO certification some months ago, I would like to know if there is a way to receive an email/document which confirms my certification, what would be the procedure I should follow  ?


    • I am afraid, you CANNOT if you are in India, as you do not have relevant experience in that particular module.

      The answer is YES if you are living in UK / USA / Australia other acceptable countries.

      Please contact your local SAP Education to know the eligibility criteria to apply for direct certification. You need to pass the evaluation process (if any) of that country.

      • Hi,

        Why in some countries like Brazil I need to perform an SAP official course to perform a certification?

        How the SAP official courses are very expensive, it is cheaper to travel to another country to perform a certification.


  • Hi Susan Martin!

    AFAIK, in order to try to take a certification in Brazil the candidate must have done at least one official SAP training.

    There are many people who must travel abroad just to do an exam.

    Apart from that, any official SAP course around here costs at least 11 thousand reais (almost 5k dollars!!!).

    Based on that it is no surprise that certifications are hardly mentioned when looking for a job.

    Can you confirm why Brazil is a special case regarding the certification program?


  • I have 3 SAP Certifications.

    I received them phisically.

    How am I able to register on SAP Credential Manager if I never received an email from them?

    Please assist.

    Thank You

    • Hello Mr. Holland,

      your certificates were achieved before Oct. 1, 2013. So we did send out an 'Opt-In' Mail with a link to give your consent (German data law) for a data transfer to our Partner Pearson VUE. It seems that this mail was captured by either your Companies or personal SPAM Filter. I did send out the link to get your consent via a seperate e-mail, today.

      You hold Certificates with different S-User (Certificate) ID's. Let me know which one should win as this is your login to Credential Manager. As the Opt-In link is based on the first exam we can't change that. Please, give your consent to that ID even if this should not be your Login.

      Thank you!

      Best regards,


      • Dear Harald,

        I appreciate your prompt response on this matter.

        I received your e-mail and gave consent on the link provided.  Please do the needed to associate my sap certifications to the first S-User given to me.

        I could not thank you enough.

        Best Regards

        • Dear Harald,

          Sorry about my last statement.

          I did not mean to associate them with the first S-User but to the one ending up in ****926 as suggested. 

          Just want to make sure I am able to upload my 3 SAP Certifications into my profile.  

          I appreciate your understanding and response on this matter.

          Thank You

          • Hello Anuar,

            you should receive an Account activation mail for SAP Credential Manager soon. If there are any problems let me know.

            Best regards,


  • Hi!!

    Thanks for the information

    I only have one question: The SAP Certification Logo that we can get from our local SAP Education organization is the same logo that appears in the Download center section in SAP credential manager website??


  • Hi Susan,

    Very helpful blog. I would like to know more about the retirement policies. I have done my C_TAW12_70 certification back in Dec. 2010 recently I received a mail telling my certification has been retired. What can I do about it. Do I need to pay the cost all over again just to get re certified from SAP again.

    PS: have started my own thread your input would be most welcome on it.

    Re: ABAP Certification Expiration



  • Hi and Thank you for this informative piece of work 🙂

    I do miss a clear answer on the point "Do certifications expire after a period of time? How do I refresh them?"



    • Hello Daniel,

      like some other big Software Companies who use  certification as measurement SAP had always the strategy that our certifications were not timely limited even if the software release was retired some time ago. With the introduction of SAP’s Credential Manager we have to ensure that all valid certifications reflect that an individual has up-to-date knowledge and skills. Exams which no longer test current knowledge will expire / retire regularly.

      Credential Manager recognizes only actual certifications which are available in our Training Shop and is adding a 1-year-grace-period to exams who are officially expired.

      To check current valid certifications or planned expiry dates in Credential Manager please refer to:  => Current Certifications => List of Valid Exams.

      We recommend a re-certification in a newer Release.

      Kind regards,


  • I am new to SAP, and a current student in the learning hub.   Can you direct me to a link that will show me a list of all the current SAP HCM Successfactors courses that have both an exam for professional certification, an no exam (yet) for associate certification - or better known as "grandfathered."  Thanks!  Julie Andreoni

  • Thanks for this helpful overview.

    Never the less I have one question which is really interesting for me:

    As a Student, I have access to SAP LH: Student Edition. Inside the platform there are a few curricula offered which are named by the certifications. So I'm asking all of you: Are those Curricula providing more or less 'enough' knowledge to take a certification exam?


    Kind regards,


  • Hello experts,

    I need your opinion.

    I have done SAP HCM Certification, now i have changed my name, how can i get revised certificate and how my name can be changed in SAP Credential manager??


    Muhammad Ali

  • Hello,
    I want to purchase a Pearson Vue voucher using my master card to write my SAP certification exam from a Pearson Vue center here in Algeria, can you please give details about the process?

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