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We’re making more UI improvements!  If you browse through any area on SCN, you’ll notice that the answered and unanswered discussion thread icons are now in color, making them distinctly visible. You can  see the status of a discussion at a single glance, which greatly improves scanability of pages/lists.

This change is reflected throughout SCN; in content lists, space overview pages, activity feeds, communications feeds, etc.


The answered discussion is  labelled with a green checkmark.

/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/unanswered_icon_235133.jpgThe unanswered discussion is labelled with a blue question mark.

We’ve heard this topic discussed in various places in the community as well, including idea submissions in Idea Place (so thank you Firefighter, Ludek Uher, and Thomas Black for your Idea Place requests!).

We heard you, and hope you find the improvements helpful 🙂



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  1. Nagarajan K


    Now is very east to find answered and unanswered questions.

    Is it possible to differentiate whether closed by “Assumed answer” or Correct answer?

    Thanks for improvement.



  2. Jodi Fleischman Post author

    Thanks all for the feedback.  @Bandal, you can find my email address in my SCN user profile.  @Naga, thanks for the suggestion/request! We’ll take this into account as we make further improvements to the community.

  3. Former Member

    Thanks for ideas and sharing the info. its look so kool and pretty good.

    When we go to respective forum content, by new colors its very easy to differentiate answered or not.

    Great improvements. Once agian Thank You


  4. Jim Spath

    Other than on this blog page, where is this documented? I know, it should be obvious what it means.

    Also, was any user experience testing done for those who may be color-blind?

    1. Jodi Fleischman Post author

      Well…my blog IS the documentation.  We may have something more comprehensive coming later, so I will forward your inquiry to the relevant people.


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