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We can send copy of output to our email also in pdf format –

1.Go to SP02 spool request number

3.At the top left -spool request – forward – send using SAPoffice

Capture 1.PNG

4. Enter email-ID & copy (for sending in email)

Capture 2.PNG

5. Enter SAP user-ID (any user to whom you want to send) & Copy

Capture 3.PNG

For checking in user’s business workplace –

1. Go to SBWP

Capture 4.PNG


2. Check in inbox.

Hope it is useful.


Shashank gupta

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  1. Jignesh Mehta

    Helo Shashank,

    Thank you for the information.

    This is indeed useful. Normally we develop separate for outputs that need to be regularly sent via email. But this facility is specifically usefull for Outputs that are occassionally sent via email.


    Jignesh Mehta

  2. Shiva Vasireddy


    This is a good option but in some of our Clients End Users are not Given sap inbox when we try to send to thier mail ID system is showing a Message

    Recipient xxxxxxxxxxxxx does not exist

    in the address management

      1. Shiva Vasireddy

        Hi Shashank,

        I think the problem is not with ID’s it is related to the Authorizations concerned to Sap inbox.

        when the mail is sent to External id the system checks the Sap Inbox Authorizations and SMTP configurations also.


        1. Former Member Post author

          Hi Shiva,

          I think you are right.

          Request to other consultants to add some inputs to solve query of Mr. shiva & any other related information which can help.


  3. Former Member

    Good document. If i want to send the invoices to multiple Distribution list or users. Then where i have to create DL in SAP. How to sent the invoices to DL.

    As per your document we cannot able to send the invoices to multiple receipeints. Pls. let me know how to sent it to multiple users


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