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SAPUI5 and ID Mgmt – A Perfect Combination

For those who do not know: SAPUI5 is our HTML5 controls library, that SAP is using as the standard User Interface Control library in all their future applications that need a “consumer grade” user experience, whether it is on desktop, tablet or smartphone.” See also following blog Is this cool or what???

With SP 8 for SAP NetWeaver ID Mgmt 7.2, it is now posible to use (beside the already existing Web Dynpro UIs), the new SAPUI5 based end user UIs. They are delivered out of the box and are based on a new OData REST API.

They include, among other features, the possibility to:

  • Maintain your own data like master data, security questions, or even upload a profile picture.
  • Request new or extend existing role assignments.
  • Approve role assignments (for Managers or Role Owners).

The installation guide can be found on SAP Help. Below, you can find some screenshots.

Read also in my blogs how to Write your own UIs using the ID Mgmt REST API and Adapt the ID Mgmt Web Dynpro UIs to your Enterprise Portal Theme.

Maintain your own data:

08-07-2013 15-24-10.png

08-07-2013 15-25-25.png

Request new roles:

08-07-2013 15-31-50.png

08-07-2013 15-33-19.png

Extend role assignments:

08-07-2013 15-33-56.png

08-07-2013 15-34-58.png

Approval UI:

08-07-2013 15-43-59.png

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