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Repair failed/stuck pending assignments

Hello everyone,


I would like to share my experience with repairing the stuck or failed assignment in SAP IDM using the new stored procedures that are going to available
with IDM 7.2 sp8. For pre IDM 7.2 SP8 versions, the following database objects are to be manually created.              

Tables:  mc_problem_analysis, idmv_problem_analysis

Stored Procedures: mc_analyze_assignments, mc_repair_assignments.


Firstly, let me explain the problem I have faced. I have created a role under which there are number of member privileges when assigned to a user in IDM,
is always going to failed status. I tried to solve the issue, but was not able to fix it. Then approached SAP from where I got these database objects which I have added manually (since I am on IDM 7.2 SP7). In this blog I want to let you know the steps I have followed to resolve the issue.


Firstly, I have created the objects(table, view & stored procedures) mentioned above. The table mc_problem_analysis stored the records of the assignments that are failed or in pending status. And the view idmv_problem_analysis is the corresponding view.

The stored procedure mc_analye_assignments is the one which analyses the identity store and identify the assignments with failed or pending status and
push the information to  mc_problem_analysis table. The sp mc_analyze_assignments expects usermskey parameter. If the parameter value is ‘0’ it performs the analysis for all the users in the identity store. If the analysis for a particular user has to be done then the mskey of the user has to be provided. After the analysis if done, look into the table mc_problem_analysis. The columns mcCategory helps to understand the current status of the assignment as shown below.

                if mcCategory is       1 – stuck pending

                                                 2 – Failed

                                                 3 – Rejected

                                                 4 – wait for master privilege

                                                 5 – stuck provisioning task

This helps to understand why the assignment is not successful. And the value in the column mcSolutionstrategy helps with the suggested solution to
resolve the issue. Following are the various values for mcSolutionstrategy

   if mcSolutionstrategy is 1 – Retry without provisioning.

                                         2 – Retry with provisioning.

                                         3 – Assign master privilege.

                                         4 – Clean up.

                                         5 – Finalize audit.

                                         6 – Delete from provisioning queue.

Once the corresponding assignment that has to be processed is identified, use the stored procedure mc_repair assignments which expects parameters
usermskey, repositories and operation. if usermskey is 0, it repairs all the assignments. Else, if you want to repair assignments for a particular user, provide the mskey of the user.  As of now the value of repositories if 0 and it is intended for future use.  And the vale of operation parameter could be anyone of the values from the   mcsolutionstrategy mentioned above. Mostly  it could be in 1,2,3,4.


In my case, when I tried to fix the issue by above steps, it dint help me initially as before i had tried with the above approach, I have done de-assignment and re-assignment for the same user with the same role for a couple of times expecting that it will be successful but failed. Because of which the sp mc_repair_assignments was not able to fix the issue for me.


Then I have done the clean up of the assignments using  mc_repair_assignments with parameter values 0,0,4 respectively. After that I have assigned the user with the same role which again went to failed status. Then, cleared the mc_problem-analysis table and executed the analyse assignments which pushed the assignments that are in status pending or failed status to the table.

After that, I have executed the repair assignments stored procedure with the appropriate operation value for that particular user and it was able to resolve the issue.




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      Author's profile photo Christopher Leonard
      Christopher Leonard

      Just to comment that this functionality is available as standard from SP8 onwards with the uIS_RepairEntry described in the SP8 release notes.

      The above procedures will only be made available where SP8 cannot be applied and the issue is critical (request via SAP Support). Below SP7 this repair functionality is not available unfortunately.



      (SAP Active Global Support)

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks for the update Chris !!



      Author's profile photo Steffi Warnecke
      Steffi Warnecke

      Hello Krishna,

      thank you for sharing your experience with this! Since I am about to dive into the same fun of using this, I am really glad I got this first hand user experience to look at when in doubt. 🙂



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      Former Member

      Informative !!


      Rajesh P

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      Former Member

      Thanks for this post, I keep the procedures ready to be used in a file now