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New SCN Activity Stream Indicator

You might notice a new green friend on the SCN Homepage this morning!

Over the weekend deployment we enabled a new “Activity Stream Indicator”.  Whenever you have new activity on topics or from people you’re following in your activity stream, you’ll see a small green plus sign ➕ overlaying the activity stream button.  (Example below.)   That tells you “new things to check out here”.  If there’s no green plus sign, no need to check.  But when you see the green plus sign, check out your activity stream to see the new activity you’ve told SCN that you’re interested in.

It’s a small but hopefully powerful little addition, and we hope everyone will like the convenience!



Activity Stream Indicator.jpg

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  • I might be using SCN the wrong way, but I just never use that Activity tab.

    I mean, it mixes spaces content with people’s content with updates and it just gets into a too big of a mess for me… I’d rather track the content into the Communications tab, even though I’m sure I’m missing a lot of things, it’s just humanly impossible to check everything.

    • Whereas for me the Activity tab is my SCN homepage! I’m a big Twitter user and a feel right at home following people and spaces and having everything turn up in one place. If I had to go hunting through the space overview pages it would take me a lot longer. I wrote about some other advantages too – The activity stream is great for discovery. I almost never look at the space overview pages…

      Yes, the activity tab gets a bit busy, but so far at least I prefer it that way. That does also mean that the new indicator doesn’t help me much – there’s always something new on the Activity tab 🙂

      But different people work different ways. Just like Twitter isn’t for everyone, I guess the SCN Activity tab isn’t for everyone either.


      • The point is that with Twitter you miss a lot. It’s not like a list of emails that you want to eventually bring down to zero.

        I try to bring my Communications tab down to zero whenever I can (it has been hard lately tho). And no, I don’t mark all as read. 😛

    • Hi Henrique, Frank, and Roberto,

      About the Activity stream being too busy…  I actually felt the same way a while ago, but I wanted to be able to have the Activity stream be more meaningful for me.  My solution was to think through exactly what I wanted to see in Activity and I unfollowed a lot of things — both people and topics — to just get to the core things I wanted to see in Activity.  This helped a LOT.  For any spaces I’ve unfollowed, I can still go to the overview page and see what’s happening and what’s hot at any one time.  But now my Activity stream is much more manageable and valuable.

      Anyway, it might be worth spending some time to fine-tune your followed content as well and see if that helps!

        • In my case, it shows direct messages, mentions, shares and updates to discussions or comments where I had already participated. It’s not that much, no problem to check it all out. I don’t have an entire space set to “track in communications”, nor am I planning to. I also stop tracking items I am no longer interested in.

          My activity stream shows all the action in the spaces and by the people I’m following. Quite a lot of information, but I have no ambition of reading all of it, just some (as time permits). Browsing down quickly to scan for interesting stuff is quite nice, at least with a fast browser and connection. So this new plus sign is of limited use in my case.

          Current wishlist:

          – being able to somehow separate content followed by space and by people

          – fix of the current delay of items showing up in the activity stream and communications tab (see Synchronization issues? how to mark a discussion permanently as read?)


          • I see.

            Well, there are spaces where I do want to keep track of 100% of the messages, be it because I moderate those spaces, be it because I am interested in learning anything I can (e.g. HANA & HANA Dev Center spaces).

            I just can’t use SCN as Twitter, meaning I’d be losing 80+% of the information going through.



        • I actually do exactly the same as Thomas.  My Activity stream shows everything I follow including topics and people.  It is regularly pretty full of things.  But when I check regularly, the line for “end of new items” is only about a page long.  Communications for me includes topics I am already engaged in or where people directly mention my name in a blog for example — really things that are in some way directly addressing me.

          I also have not actually ever clicked on the “Track in Communications” button on content or spaces.  I guess the idea of doing that would be for some kind of topic that you really want to keep track of.

          Of course the third option for alerting is to get email notifications of certain topics, and I do that as well for a few really important topics.


  • My gripe with the indicators is that they’re basically all on all the time.

    If you’re decently connected and follow a few spaces the activity indicator will nearly always be active.

    Communications is similarily useless, it’s ALWAYS on “50+” for me. Even worse, there’s no distinction of threads I’m following vs. direct messages to me, whixh I keep missing all the time.

    The only really useful one is “Actions” which tells me about the odd new follower or open moderation tasks.

    • Hi Frank

      Same here, I connect back to people who follow me to allow them to instant message me. As an effect my communication stream is always 50+ and now I also have a + on my activity stream 🙂 .

      You can use the “hide” link though to hide all content of specific area’s / spaces etc in your activity stream. I’ve been using that for a while now and it does help to funnel more relevant content (for me personally in terms of what I’m interested in) into my activity stream.

      Best regards


  • I never used Activity, too much noise and confusion for me, but I agree with Thomas that now open and answered questions are easy to distinguish.



  • Hi Chip

    Im in holiday mode so not much time to join the fun here

    What i can say though is…..

    Very nice addition to existing functionality

    Works as described