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DSLayer: Network of Truthi-ness

We’re back with another show to discuss/dispute/dissect the Network of Truth in a show appropriately titled “Network of Truthi-ness“.  Let’s begin.

0:25 – Apparently we are desperate for more people to join us.

0:55 – Apparently we also need a 12 step program.

1:20 – Community News – Lots of stuff in our neck of the woods.

2:35 – Thomas Jung is coming to SAP Inside Track STL!

4:39 – On to the Network of Truthi-ness is a follow up to this blog by Saurabh Abhyanakar.

5:28 – The Single Version of the Truth (SVoT) has always been at risk.

5:50 – Jamie insults every Data Warehouse implementation.  Ever.  Except for three.

6:40 – The SVoT gets no love…or trust.

7:30 – Why didn’t Agile BI solve world hunger?

8:15 – “Agile will never be faster than an Executive’s phone” <- Oh so true.

9:35 – Wikipedia found to be incomplete.  You should stop using it for your homework.

11:47 – The Network of Truth (NoT…heh) is marketing buzz?

12:28 – Greg thinks BI for the masses is going away.  Jamie quickly snaps back on that one.  Ad-hock-y forever.

13:40 – Yes, delivery methods will change but that doesn’t change that everyone needs BI.

14:52 – The NoT will be used to drive the “what’s new in data”.

17:25 – Greg thinks he’s psychic.  I still think mobile is the future of the SVoT and it’s not going anywhere.  I think we just agreed to disagree and not punch each other in the face.

18:39 – And then, the podcast takes a huge left turn.  Write backs and Rich Internet Apps?  This is going somewhere, I promise.

22:30 – Greg’s prophecizes that HANA can solve for this, but the reality it doesn’t need to be a closed system to achieve a closed loop process with the SVoT, NoT, and a Write Back capability.

24:50 – Some day we need to be able to admit to the decisions in the Write Back

25:05 – The NoT is not the only version of the truth.  It’s just a part of the trifecta.

26:02 – Ego sufficiently stroked.

27:22 – There it is!  The universe – we still need it.

29:01 – Jamie sees the potential of the HANA semantic layer.  We’ll keep watching it.

31:00 – Wrap it up.

33:00 – We want to know what you want us to talk about.  So does the NSA.

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Show notes fo' sho'.

      Author's profile photo Derek Loranca
      Derek Loranca

      I'm going to lean towards Greg's side of the rumble. I agree with a lot of what he's saying, plus it'll be a fair fight now.  😎