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Using BusinessObjects Analysis Office to Prototype for Design Studio

This is an idea I obtained from David Stocker

First set up your Analysis Office application, and add a filter:


In the example below I am going to filter on project:


Then select the Create Web Application icon


Then Design Studio launches, and you can see it has takes advantage of the Analysis Office filter:


This is how it looks in when you run it in Design Studio:


So in theory the business analyst builds their dashboard in Analysis Office and sends it to Design Studio for the IT developer to complete the “professionally authored dashboard”.

Is this something you’ll try?

I’m looking forward to this ASUG SAP TechEd Session by  Alexandre Rivet Papagiannidis of Molson Coors Looking at One Source of the Truth with SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio

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  • Hello,

    this feature would be really good, but in the moment, it´s not working on my computer.

    The Icon “Create Web Application” is not available in my Analysis for Office (Version With which Version you are working?

    I´m also not able to “Smart copy” a DataSource fro, Analysis for Office to DesignStudio. Evertime I trying this, there´s an error message, that the DataSource could not be initialized.

    Has anybody a solution for my problem?


  • Hello,

    I have a question regarding this, when I try to Create Web Application with a very similar Worksheet the following error message pops up:

    Error 1: In one of the data sources an exception has occurred. SAP BI add-in has to connect to any data source separately. If you want to reboot, press the button “Restart” below. (ID-111006)”
    “Error 2: Nested exception; further details, see the inner exception ‘below:
    The system can not find the file specified”

    DesignStudio does not start. Also, I cannot find the Worksheet when I try to add it as a DataSource in the DesignStudio. I can only find the Query, although I have saved the Worksheet as an AAOE file in the NetWeaver Repository.

    SmartCopy does work, but this copies the Query, not the rest of the Worksheet.

    I’m working with AO (V1.4.0.2528), Design Studio (1.1SP1), SAP BW (730 SP9).

    Can you see what goes wrong here?

    Thanks in advance!

    Pelle Koeslag

    • Pelle,

      What BI Platform version are you using?

      I was using BI4.1

      You may want to turn on the trace logs and send them to SAP support.



      • Thank you for the fast reply!

        We are using BI4.0 (SP6?), but it’s not working correctly, which is (probably) causing this problem. We’re working on it and I’ll let you know once it’s solved.

        Thanks again,


  • Dear Tammy, as discussed.. I had to update my SAP GUI to see the additional icons.

    Had to reinstall analysis too 😉

    So far it works now – but the result is ah 😯 . Well it works in opening DS Client and creating crosstab and a chart in an acceptable manner, run locally works too, but opened from my BI4.1 BOE platform the app shows lot of errors and I can’t use it . Rebuilding in DS would work. So sg. on my BOE 4.1 SP2 P1 seems not compatible with the created app-code?

    See yourself: – local version – simple things – ok


    And now the same openened in BI  launchpad: