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ACR Failed for your Master data objects? Simple tips to analyze

This document will gives you summarized view about the ACR failure and how to analyze the root cause for the issues.

The ACR for your master data objects are failing with error message “Locked against indexing or tablethen the reason would be any of the below.

Reason 1 :

Loads to that master data object might be running in parallel with the ACR.

Solution : Stop/Cancel the loads and rerun the ACR manually. Later you can resume back your loads.

Reason 2 :

Check for any ROLLUP or BIA Indexing is running for the cubes associated with that Objects.

Solution : Wait till the ROLLUP or BIA Indexing completes and rerun the ACR manually.

Reason 3 :

Check for any daemon jobs running for that Objects.

Solution : Wait till the daemon job completes and rerun the ACR manually.

Reason 4 :

Check for any other ACR is already running for the same object.

Solution : If the failed ACR contains other Objects also, then repeat the ACR after the actively running change run is completed.

Tips to Quick check the ROLLUP or BIA Index running in the System.


Go to the T-Code SM37(where all the background processes running will be visible) -> type the Job Name “BI_PROCESS_ROLLUP” and check job status “Active”,”Finished” & “Cancelled” then execute. then check in the job logs.

BIA Index

Go to the T-Code SM37 -> type the Job Name “BIACTI_*” and check job status “Active”,”Finished” & “Cancelled” then execute.then check in the job logs.

For Checking the status of ACR, you can use T-Codes CHANGERUNMONI or RSATTR.

Other Usefull T-Codes are,

  3. RSDDB

Note: Always rerun manully the failed ACR job from TCODE : CHANGERUNMONI because, If we are repeating ACR from the process chain, it will generate one more job. But already failed ACR job will be locked with BIA job. So it will get fail again. (If ACR job failed because of lock with the BIA Indexing then we have to follow above procedure).

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    1. Former Member Post author

      Hi Dileepkumar,

      Daemon Jobs are kind of semaphores(Child processes) created to a main process and that will be running though the parent process is completed.

      These Jobs will own seperate ID irrespective of the parent job ID.


      Let us consider a DTP loads triggered by a process chain variant with Job “BI_PROCESS_DTP_LOAD” shown below. A new deamon job will be created to load data from source to target. That job will be started with same ID “BIDTPR_6648977_1” showed in next figure.



      Please let me know if you require further more in detail.


      Bharath. S

  1. Former Member

    Hi Bharath,

    Its really good stuff 🙂 actually i’ve so many doubts regarding the ACR & deamon jobs you have cleared all those.

    keep posting buddy so it can be helpful to our fellow mates in the community and it will helps them in enriching their BW/BI knowledge 😉




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