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ON LINUX and connection to SAP ERP 6


Note 1391758 – Compatibility of TREX ABAP CLient with TREX Server

Note 948418 – “Unknown function” error message when calling Open dialogs

Note 658052 – TREX 6.1/7.00: additional info about TREX ABAP client

Note 647658 – Availability of TREX ABAP client for 6.20/6.40/7.0/7.1

Note 723688 – BBP TREX corrections for SRM 4.0 SP01



OS prerequisite

File system

For /sapmnt/SES, we need 2 G ( after installtion we have 693MB Used) and for /usr/sap/SES we eneed 4GB (after installation we have about 1GB Used but size of this file system depends of number and size of created index.

For my test, I install it on virtual server on linux Red Hat 5.8 with 2 CPU and 12GB of RAM but there is a SAP ECC605 instance install on the same server .

Sapinst installation









Create a connection to SAP ECC605

On ECC605, create user :



On /usr/saP/SES/TRX01, with user sesadm after exporting DISPLAY to your computer launch script





Add in  TREXDaemon.ini :



arguments= -r -host=sapb2j -instance=sapgw43 -service=Trex_B2J_20130523171347







Then in ECC605, tx SES_ADMIN define of RFC connection to be use for TREX (table









SPRO in order to activate business fonction :





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  1. Former Member

    Awesome and clear Doc mathieu.

    I want to install TREX 7.10 for EHP1 for SAP Netweaver 7.0 portal .

    Can you help me what version of SAPInst i need to download and path. Thanks in advance.

  2. Mikhail Sirotkine

    Hi Mathieu,

    just two comments:
    1) Starting TREX 710 REV 58 you can not use the sapinst anymore (in the REV 58 it’s  a part of the TREX installation SAR file yet ) . You need to take either SWPM instead , or just run the script as described in the installation guide.

    2) When you setup the RFC connection you don’t need to do any changes in the TREXDaemon.ini file  !!! all necessary changes will be done by the TREXAdminTool automatically!


  3. Former Member

    Friends – I have installed TREX 7.1 for EP 7.0 . After connecting TREX to EP, I get error ” No active HTTP server found”.

    One more thing. I didnt find any HTTP proxy setting while installing TREX using SWPM. Please advice.


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