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Output to External Email ID

Business Requirement: Many times Business require to send certain output directly to external Id of customer, business partner etc. This document discuss those scenario.

I find in SDN some consultants asking this requirement, I hope this document will be helpful.

Here I will discuss solution which I implemeted in my  business process.

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Advantage:  Solution can be use to send output to partner email Id. Consultant can enhance functionality based on logic written in routine , may use logic in routine to fetch data from Ztable which gives flexibility.

we are calling function module ‘SO_NEW_DOCUMENT_SEND_API1’ in this routine. This function module enables to send output to external email ID

Presetting: Basis setting  (Tcode SCOT) should be available to allow output to be sent to external email id. You may use SOSV or SOST to check this.

I consider all other standard settings of output like access , access sequence, routine are known to consultant and i will not discuss these setting here.

T Code: NACE

Capture 1.JPG

For sales order output select application V1 and then Click Output Type button:

Capture 2.JPG

If it is require to make this output condtion based on access then define access sequence and assign it to output (Standard SAP Access creation).

Capture 3.JPG

In Default view tab select:

Dispatch time as per your requirement.

Transmission Medium ‘5 External Send’

and partner function which require this output.

Capture 4.JPG

Now create and assign form routine to output along with print program

Capture 5.JPG

You can take help of ABAPER to create program as per your Prnt program and Form Routine.

Here Form Routine is controlling Email.

You can put logic here that how to fetch email Id, if there is any validation check etc.

In my case I am fetching email from HR Master T Code :PA30. Subtype Communication.

You may write your own logic to fetch email

Note: In this routine, we are calling function module ‘SO_NEW_DOCUMENT_SEND_API1’ . This function module enables to send document.

Capture 5.JPG

Now create output condtion record if this output has access sequence based determination.

Trigger output via sales order

T Code: VA01 : Header Output Screen

Capture 1.JPG

T Code: PA30, Info type 0105, Sub Type 0010

I have maintained my email ID in PA30, Info type Communication (0105) Sub Type 0010 (Email).

Capture 2.JPG

TCode : SOSV  To Check mail is going or not ( This will also require Basis Setting)

Mail is triggered to my external Email ID which is visible in SOSV.

Capture 4.JPG



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