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Method to find Exits and BAdis:

Before I contribute another blog on SCN, i would like to thank SCN for new features, feel and gamification rules which inspires to contribute in different ways on SCN as compare to pervious replying in discussion forums. So in continuation to my previous one I would like to write about finding User exits, BAdis, Views, Seach helps in an easier way.

In addition to Jeevan .S program method to find exits and BAdis for any Transaction code or Program The following can be another method without writing the program, although this method i have learnt from SDN and hope many of the fellow members know this.

Suppose we want to find user exit and BAdis for T code CO01 then go to menu bar select status


Now copy the program name program (GUI) :

Then go to SE38 with this program and paste the program name of the Transaction code or if  we  already have program name  then we can directly go to this step and select radio button ATTRIBUTES and click on display:


Now following pop up will come then copy the Package from it:


Then Go to SE15 and click on enhancements   and select whether we  want to search BAdi or Exit, select enhancement:


After selecting enhancements below screen will appear in which enter  the package which we  have copied from above program from attributes as package field


And execute it. It will give you all the enhancements for package CO/ or desired input, like below screen:


In the same way we can find the BAdis, Search helps for fields, Views, Data base tables and  Function Modules which we require from time to time.Hope this blog will help functional guys in fulfilling  the  additional requirements by clients by using of standard enhancements.

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